Is Paper Old News in the Digital Age?

Digital and internet marketing can seem like it's taking over these days. It's enough to make some people wonder if paper marketing tools are out of date. As the best printing company at the Lake of the Ozarks, Lake Printing knows that print marketing is still alive and well, and bringing customers into businesses that may not have otherwise shopped there. Today we are talking about print and paper marketing and why it is still relevant and important for businesses today. Read on to learn more!

Imagine you are at a networking social with other local businesses and consumers in your area. You've been having a great conversation with a business that would partner well with you for referrals and then they ask you for a business card. What happens next can make a big difference in how this businessperson will see you for the remainder of your conversation.

If you tell them no and offer to add your contact info into their phone, they may think that you aren't pro…

Event Products That Wow!

Planning an event can be a stressful activity - trying to make sure every piece is in place, the design is perfect, and the schedule is on time. Lake Printing is the perfect resource to help ease the burden and make your event stand out. As the best printing company at the Lake of the Ozarks, we are experienced in creating beautiful and creative designs to help make events a success. Read on to learn about some of the great products we can provide for your special event! 

The start of any event is determining the theme, date, time, and location. Once those details are nailed down, it is time to put together the invitations and let everyone know about your event. The invitation tells your guests a lot about your event. The style, script, images... everything works together to paint a picture of what your guests can expect. Wow them with the best invitation printing at the Lake of the Ozarks, and contact Lake Printing!
Themed signs can help direct guests to the correc…

Promote Health with These Great Promotional Products!

Lake Printing loves helping build businesses and their marketing campaigns with top quality print materials. That's why we're the best printing company at the Lake of the Ozarks! Whether it's printing flyers or promotional materials, we have the tools and expertise to help make your business shine! In today's blog, we're talking about some of the great health-related promotional products available for you and your business. Keep reading to learn more!

Bottle Dash 17 This water bottle is a convenient product your potential customers will love! It is a 8.75" tall, 17 oz. transparent AS plastic water bottle with a stylish stainless screw-on lid. It features an integrated hand strap that can be selected in 7 different colors. Your potential customers will love that this bottle is BPA free! One color/two location imprint is included. 

Bottle Shake For avid exercisers that love starting their routine with a protein shake, this is the perfect gift. This 9.5” tall and…

Improve Business with These Excellent Products!

Lake Printing has the technology and expertise to make your business stand out in 2020. We are now offering some great additional service thanks to a piece of equipment we are really excited about using. The HP Latex R Printer Series enables us to transform large rigid printing in ways you never thought possible, for indoors and outdoors! As the best printing service at the Lake of the Ozarks, we are constantly innovating and expanding our services, and we are excited to share some of these new services with you today. Read on o learn more!

Vehicle Wraps 
Vehicle wraps are a great way to advertise your business everywhere you go! Nowadays, everyone has to drive. So as you are going to your next job, or simply to and from work, catch the attention of potential customers looking for a service or product like yours. As people start to recognize your vehicles around town, they will feel more confident trusting you with their business because they will see you as a fixture of the community.…

Print Capabilities from the Colex Digital Die Cutter & the HP Latex R Series Printer

In 2019 we added two machines that have added several services to our lineup.  We are always looking for ways to help increase business for all of our clients.  As long as we are providing quality print products for our clients we will continue to search for new machines that will save our clients time and money.  In this week's blog, we will highlight 2 machines that have changed the way we do certain print projects at Lake Printing.

Colex Digital Die Cutter Finally a digital cutting system for graphic signs and textile finishing, the Colex Sharp Cut Digital Flatbed Cutter offers versatility, speed and price. With capability to cut adhesive-backed vinyl kiss cutting and through cut with routing capability of 1/16" aluminum in one pass, this makes getting jobs done more quickly and with better precision a breeze!

The Colex Die Cutter is great for digital production of:

Displays & POP’s:   3-Dimensional product displays by contour cutting, trimming, routing and creasing for…

7 Print Marketing Tools That You See Almost Everyday

In the world today everyone keeps saying marketing is all digital. That is furthest from the truth. All though digital marketing is at everyone's fingertips with smartphones, tablets, and laptops, print marketing should still have a place in your marketing budget. At Lake Printing, your number one printing company at the Lake of the Ozarks, we are here to help ensure your print message is professional and visually appealing. These are vital aspects of print marketing, especially when it comes to reaching your target audience.

Print marketing is all around you in everyday life. If you look around as you are driving to the office, visiting a grocery store/ clothing store, or enjoying a day with the family you see print marketing. In this week's blog, we will talk about 7 print marketing tools that you see in your everyday life.

#1. Billboards
As you drive down the road, you will notice billboards that line the road.  Billboards is a large scale print marketing tool that is u…

Marketing Mistakes that You Want to Avoid

Not everyone know the ins and outs of creating a marketing piece that is print ready.  This is one reason why it's important to have a marketing director or firm who understands how print material works and the way a piece of artwork should be designed that is going to the printer.  At the printing hub of the midwest, we have experienced many flaws in artwork that has been sent to us for a print job.  In this week's blog, we will highlight 5 mistakes in marketing that you will want to avoid.

Mistake #1: Not Leaving Bleed Room in Your Artwork
Bleeds allow you to run artwork to the edge of a page. On a press, the artwork is printed on a large sheet of paper and then trimmed down to size. If you do not allow for a 1/8 of an inch bleed, any misalignment while cutting will result with the artwork not running to the edge of the paper, thus leaving white space at the edge of your print. Bleeds ensure you get the results you need.

Mistake #2: Using Small Text on a Rich Black Background