Monday, August 29, 2016

Eye Catching Promotional Products for Lake Restaurants

If there's one thing you can count on when living at or visiting the Lake of the Ozarks, it's that you'll find some of the best restaurants around. We are home to many, many, five start eating venues, wineries, bars, and specialty restaurants. If you own one of those restaurants at the Lake that serves up amazing food, we are so thankful for your business in this area - but we're sure there's one thing you've noticed since setting up shop. The competition can be tricky sometimes.

One of the best ways to stand out, aside from providing amazing food and great service, is to give your customers something they can physically hold to remember you. Here are a few promotional products for restaurants that we think could make a difference in your marketing approach.

Coaster - 3.5" Round Pulp-Board Coaster 40pt

Round out your marketing efforts with this colorful coaster! Protect your furniture from water rings by laying out these disposable coasters on delicate surfaces. Our LW 40 point 3.5" round silkscreened coasters are great for restaurants, taverns, coffee shops, special events and more! Made from high-quality pulp-board, these advertisers have a harder, longer-lasting feel to them. Let us help you create a unique custom coaster printed in ink!

Aluminum Bottle Can Opener Key Ring

This aluminum bottle can opener key ring. Pop the lid on your brand with these. Opens bottles and flip-top cans easily and efficiently and is always available on a key ring. Great promotional product giveaway for any event or occasion. Available in a variety of new colors!

12oz can koozies

This insulated can cooler and holder is made using laminated open cell foam and folds flat for easy transport in pockets, purses, coolers and more! They're available in a multitude of color options. Add your organization's name, logo and advertising message on the front, back and bottom and create something that's ideal for company picnics, barbecues, beach trips and so much more.

Individually Wrapped Mints - Red Peppermints

Make a sweet impression with individually wrapped red peppermint starlite mints. Choose from a variety of mints as well as wrapper and ink colors. Great for trade shows.

The Forever Magnetic Notepad - Pizza Menu

We've replaced the chipboard backing from our standard notepad with a full-color, personalized magnet! The notepad will stick to refrigerators, file cabinets, or any other metal surface. The magnetic backing is personalized with your information plus your choice of a full-color calendar, sports schedule, important phone numbers, or customize your own! Once all the sheets have been used, your name is sure to stick around!

Don't Just Rely on Word of Mouth!

While you may be creating an amazing flavor in someone's mouth, don't just rely on them to share how much they love your food with others. Send them home with a gift that tells all about you for them. At Lake Printing, one of our favorite promotional products is the magnet menu. Out your carry out or delivery menu on the back and then you'll be sure that your favorite customers always have your name and number. If you're ready to make great impressions with your guests, visit our website to learn more about our promotional products at the Lake of the Ozarks, or contact us to get your quote!

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Why To Use Die Cutting In Your Marketing - Part Two

We're continuing our series on how to use die cutting in your marketing. If you missed the first article, you can view it here: Why To Use Die Cutting In Your Marketing - Part One.

The goal of a business is to find a way to make great impressions and find new clients. while that may sound like an absolute statement, we truly believe that as a small or large business this should be your priority. Which is why we have stepped in and helped you fill the design need in your company! There are many ways you can take your print pieces at the Lake of the Ozarks to the next level, but die cutting is an incredible way to make great impressions and help your piece to catch attention. Here are the last few reasons we have for including die cutting into your next print piece.

Die Cutting Can Increase Your Brand Recognition

One of the greatest things you can accomplish with your business is to create brand recognition. You want people to be able to recognize your business at a glance because of the brand. Whether it's a font you use, color scheme, photos, or shapes. This is where die cutting comes in handy - you can create shapes on your print pieces that couldn't be done with regular 2D printing. Anything that helps strengthen your brand even more is a great step in making great impressions!

Make Your Images & Graphics POP

When deciding how to create your print pieces, you may want to use graphice or photos. Keep in mind that the best way to showcase your brand is not through stock images and clipart, but through actual images of your product and personal photos of yourself. Enhance these photos and graphics by cutting around them with die cutting! This will make them pop and definitely add more character to your images than just a flat image on paper.

Create Something Touchable & Interactive

Have you ever seen those print pieces that beg to be touched, held, and used? When you incorporate die cutting into your print piece you are giving it that element of being interactive. When talking about business cards, brochures, company handbooks, magazines, catalogs and more, you WANT someone to pick up your piece. You want them to take it home, look at it, remember it, save it, and in the end - call your number when they need what you have. Your print piece is something that goes where your salesmen cannot go, and speak where you cannot on behalf of your business - invest in it.

They're Versatile & Reusable

One of the best things about die cutting is that it can be combined with so many different printing techiniques. You can use it on many different paper types, with different finishes, foils, embossing or more. Die cutting is also reusable. If you choose a standard shape like circles or rounded edges, it can be easier to get because they are most likely in stock - but if you choose a custom shape, we'll keep it and you can use it many times over.

Marketing your company is one of the greatest things you can, you can reach people, increase your sales circle, and in the end, hopefully sell more product and services. When you market your business appropriately, you are showing the value you place not only on your company, but also the value you place on wooing your customers. Make great impressions, and create beautiful print pieces with Lake Printing - we look forward to working with you!

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Why To Use Die Cutting In Your Marketing - Part One

While the main part of print marketing may seem to be the paper you choose, the colors of the ink, or even the type of font - one important part you probably haven't considered is the shape. The shape can play a vital role in your print piece because it helps it to stand out. Die cutting is a great way to incorporate shapes and new elements of design into your print pieces, as well as give them a whole new perspective. At Lake Printing, we want to help you create a print piece at the Lake of the Ozarks that you're proud to show off, so today we're going to talk about why you want to incorporate die cutting into your next print piece.


Most print materials, while they look different in color and design, look rather the same in shape - kind of like billboards. If you've ever noticed, most billboards are the same shape and size, all broadcasting different messages, but they're easy to tune out when you've become accustomed to them. There are some random shapes thrown in occasionally, like a circle or square, but even those don't scream "look at me!" However, have you ever driven down the highway to find a brand new billboard with an entirely new shape? Or a sculpture built beside it to showcase the message? It stands out! This is what die cutting does for your print materials.

They Help Spread the Word

By choosing a unique shape for your business cards, brochures, folders and more, you're increasing your chances of spreading the word. In a world when people will receive hundreds of business cards a year (and also throw out hundreds of business cards a year), you want to do something that will make yours stand out. Sure, you can round the corners, or choose an odd shape - but what really makes a difference is working with your brand and your design to create a shape that is unique. People can't help but keep unique things, and when your business card is shaped like a piece of pizza because you are the best Italian restaurant in town, people will be more apt to keep your card and show it off!

Die Cuts Allow You To Be Creative

While there is a level of creativity involved in designing your business card (that's why you hire the best graphic designers at the Lake of the Ozarks!), there is even more creativity at your fingertips when you use die cutting to customize your print materials at the Lake of the Ozarks. You can make your print pieces not just a piece, but interactive with the shapes colors and designs.

Die Cutting at the Lake of the Ozarks

In an age where people are competing to provide the best service, make yours and easy choice by making your promotional pieces unique. At Lake Printing, our specialised staff make it easy for you to get a great product at an affordable price, from the print products, promotional products, die cutting, and more. Visit our website to learn more about our services, and then give us a call to get a price quote!

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Creating an Eye Catching Business Card

Business cards are one of the first impressions someone has of your business, and sometimes your only chance to make an impression - so make it a good one. In many cases, your business card will even proceed your introduction to a potential client, and you may not even meet the client in person at all. How do you fit a high quality, eye catching sales pitch on a 2.5" x 3" piece of cardstock? At Lake Printing, we make your print pieces at the Lake of the Ozarks a priority, and from the smallest business card to the largest banner, we want to put the same amount of care into your product. Here are a few things to remember as you have your professional business cards designed.

Include Key Information

When you have a business card designed by our graphic designers at the Lake of the Ozarks, we help you narrow down what the best information will be. You want to make it quick and direct. When someone picks up your card, it's because they want to potentially contact you, the same as if someone gives them your card. They are already interested, now you just have to convince them that you are the best client. Put your name, phone number and location if you have one. Make the website a prominent piece of the card as well, because that will probably be the first thing someone goes to look at. You will also want your email address because people are more likely to email you with questions than call you in this day and age. If you have a fax number and want to include that, you can, but other than that, you really don't need much more.

Think Outside the Box

Appearance is everything, and it's always in the details. What we mean by this, is that when designing your business cards, don't be afraid to splurge a little on the extra details because those are what grab the attention of your customer. If you are an appliance repair company you can get creative by having a business card die cut into the shape of an oven. You can add your logo to the front or back, and even put your contact info in the window of the oven or on the back as well. You can be sure that customers aren't going to forget the oven shaped business card, and they may even hang onto it to show friends and family, or at least put it on their fridge. You can think outside the box and use special shapes, colors, textures, and designs to make your card exceptional.

Choose the Right Finish

If you didn't think that the finish was important - think again. A business card needs to be able to stand up to the pressures of life in a wallet, desk drawer, on the fridge or in a wallet. A coating will look great on your card, but if you are a doctor or hair stylist that takes appointments and want to write them on the back of your card, you may only want a shiny finish on the front. If you want to use foil stamping to catch the eye of your customers, you won't want a finish at all because the foil stamping won't stick to it. However, if you want your card to stand up to heavy-duty wear and tear, a coating will protect the paper from deteriorating quickly.

Create Eye Catching Business Cards at the Lake of the Ozarks

Don't take your business card lightly - they make an impact that you may not ever realize. While you can design them yourself and then print them on your home printer, you probably won't be able to achieve the same results as a professional print company at the Lake of the Ozarks. We want to help you promote your business and make great impressions from start to finish. Give us a call today, or visit our website to learn more about our services and submit a quote!

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Finding the Perfect Binding for Your Print Project

In the printing industry, there are always ever changing techniques, processes, and materials, but there are a few things that have remained the same through the years - bindings. While the idea behind them has been tweaked over the years, there are really only a few types of bindings, and the way they are achieved, and the purpose they hold remain the same. Are you curious which bindings would work best for your print piece? We'll walk you through the different types and let you see for yourself which ones would be perfect for you.

Perfect Binding
Example of a perfect bound book

Perfect binding is a process by which you take all of your pages, whether for a book, brochure, or even a notebook, and apply glue to the left side of the stack. Then a special machine is used to fold the cover around the pages, and they are trimmed to make them even and the correct size. You will find that this process is very common for paperback books, but you will also find it on high-quality magazines, attractive brochures and informational booklets, and more. Are you wanting a published piece that can be easily held or read in one hand, or has a professional finished quality? This binding would be a great choice. If you're looking for something that will lay flat on the table, this option may not be the best for your print piece. We don't do this process in-house, but we work closely with another company to achieve the results you want.

Example of a spiral bound book

Spiral Binding

Spiral binding is achieved by punching holes through the left-hand side of the pages, and then using a tool to bind the pages together with a plastic spiral. This binding is a wonderful choice for anything that you want to remain flat while open. Are you creating a textbook where people will want to easily keep it open and flip the pages? What about a recipe book that needs to stay open without closing shut instantly? This can even be a good choice if you're wanting to make a notebook that is spiral bound. This is not a good binding for you if you want something that has a finished professional look, like perfect binding. While it can be done on most projects, you will need to decide if it will work best for you or not.

Example of a saddle bound magazine

Saddle Binding

Are you looking for a professional look without a high price tag? Saddle stitch binding is a wonderful option for you. The process is done by printing out your pages on one large piece of paper, and having four pages front and back on it. Then those pages are folded in half and have a staple or stitch inserted in at least two places of the fold. It's perfect for brochures, booklets, small recipe books, promotional books, and more. Because of the layout requirements with this type of binding, it's best to let our team do the layout, and file creation so that you can guarantee that it's done correctly.

Best Binding Company at the Lake of the Ozarks

Are you looking for a printing company at the Lake of the Ozarks who can help you create the project of your dreams? Whether it's a small run for personal use, or it's a large print order for your corporation - we can make both a reality for you. You can count on the best print company at the Lake of the Ozarks to help you acheive your goals and reach for the stars. If you're ready for a quote, visit our website at to get started!

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