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Promotional Products for Your Professional Business

Distributing the right promotional product to your customers could be what makes the difference between them using them or not. You'll want to choose a promotional product that not only represents your company well but something that your customers will want to use over and over. This will help keep your logo and services top of mind, and hopefully, keep them coming back for years to come. Here are a few items you can utilize to professionally represent your company. From lawyer to real estate agents, and everyone in between, here are a few products that will really make your company stand out to the customers and team members who mean the most. Round Slate Coaster Featuring a unique, chiseled finish with laser engraved art, this round, slate coaster is made from natural stone so no two pieces are exactly the same. Comes with 3 rubber feet for protecting your surfaces. USB Flash Drives 2GB Create the perfect promotional opportunity and put your brand in their hands and

5 Products That Promote YOUR Business

At Lake Printing , we specialize in providing you and your company products that improve your appearance and streamline your brand. While the image of your business may not seem extremely valuable, the products you use to promote your company can either make or break sales. If you use eye-catching graphics and well-made print products at the Lake of the Ozarks , you can show that you take pride in your products. Here are a few products your company can utilize to promote your business. Business Cards You can customize these print pieces to not only have the information you want them to have, but also the appearance you desire. We can use special paper to achieve the look you're going for. We can also provide you with custom graphic design to make your Lake of the Ozarks business cards look even better. Brochures When you want to get more information out to your clients than can fit on your business cards, a brochure is a wonderful way to do that. You can feature bulleted l

Preserving The Earth Through GREEN Printing!

At Lake Printing, we know that our line of work can have repercussions to the earth if not approached correctly. That's why we make green printing and eco-friendly practices a priority in our shop! At Lake Printing Company is proud to announce that we are FSC and SFI certified, meaning we are able to offer you a paper that has been certified to be kinder to the environment. Here are a few ways we utilize safe practices in the office to make sure that the environment is protected. What is LAKE PRINTING doing to support sustainable printing practices? Using soy ink instead of petroleum based ink. Using alcohol-free press solutions. Recycling all wastepaper, cardboard, used printing plates, solvents, and used toner cartridges. Using recycled paper whenever possible. Creating printing plates with computer-to-plate technology. Using washable shop towels in production area instead of disposable. Sending customer proofs as PDF format via email whenever possible. Re-usin

Custom Apparel to Dress Your Team for Success!

"Dressing for success may sound intimidating, expensive, and a bit vain; however, keepin in mind that your presentation creates credibility." - Michelle Moore Your staff members are your biggest sales force, so it only makes sense that you would provide them with apparel that will advertise for you just as much as they do. At Lake Printing, we take your marketing and business as serious as you do. We help you promote your company through business cards and print products, to promotional products that you can disperse to your clientele, we are here to provide it all. Here are a few items that you can provide for your employees to help them advertise for you, and keep them looking professional. Name Tags If your employees attend any company events, are a part of a local club representing you, or will be talking with many potential customers, and name tag is a must. This small item can instantly help your team member show who they are where they are from, making it easier

Using Printed Banners As Advertising Tools

Your business needs a marketing tool that can help you reach more customers, and give them the valuable information they need about your business. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with a full-color vinyl banner. A vinyl banner can convey information quickly about your products, events, and other details. Here are a few reasons a banner can be a wonderful marketing tool. They Are Inexpensive to Produce Vinyl banners can be a relatively inexpensive way to get your information across quickly. They are made out of a weatherproof vinyl, they have grommets one each corner, and they are quick to produce. While some marketing campaigns can require a large investment in printing, postage or ad space, a vinyl banner can be hung in many different places, and won't require a huge chunk of your budget. They Are Easily Visible Depending on the size of your banner, they can be easily seen from highways, roads, across a vendor showroom and more. These banners can be made large