Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Promotional Products for the Holiday Season

It may seem a bit early to start thinking about the holidays, but when you're ordering promotional products to gift to your employees - you should make your list and check it twice! The holiday season will be here before you know it, and you don't want to be rushing at the last minute. At Lake Printing, we help you create promotional products that are specially designed for your company, and for any season too. Here are a few that are perfect for company parties and more!

Silver Holiday Ball Ornament

Beautiful silver tone plated holiday ball shaped ornament. Flat ornament, not round. A perfect way to thank your loyal customers or employees! Great for holiday parties, customer appreciation, and fundraisers!

Power Bank Flashlight

Great for charging electronic devices on the go! Works with Apple tablet and iPhone 4 connector, iPhone 5/6, Micro USB connector, Mini USB, Nokia DC2.0 connector. Capacity: 4400MAH or 5200MAH (Samsung) Battery: Lithium-ion Battery Input Voltage/Current: 5V/800MA Output Voltage/Current: 5V/1A Cycle life: 500+ Charges Accessories: 1 Cable, 4 Adaptors - Single USB output - LED power indicator and torch light - Smart over circuit and over-charging protection.

Men's Stainless-Steel Multi-Function Watch

Men's Stainless-Steel Multi-Function Watch. Armitron Men's Stainless Steel Multifunction Blue Dial Sports Watch shows off a sleek style with blue highlights and silver tones. The brushed and polished, round, silver-toned, stainless steel case is topped with a blue, aluminum luminous-printed bezel. The textured blue dial features silver-toned, luminous indices at each hourly position and silver-toned luminous hour, minute, and second hands. The watch is water-resistant to a depth of 165 feet (50 meters). Limited Lifetime Warranty. Includes Gift Box Packaging.

High-Quality Wrist Band USB Drive

They'll bring their digital files and your brand along for the ride with this silicone wristband USB drive. This new take on a promotional classic is available in your choice of trendy housing colors and will feature your brand for prominent promotional display. Choose your drive color and add a free data preload for additional advertising (up to 1 GB). Production time is six days, and free shipping is available to any continental U.S. location, available for all memories. These are ideal for tradeshows, conferences, school orientation, self-promotion and more!

Wave Screen Cleaner

Your campaign is sure to make "waves" at your next event! Use both sides of the Wave screen cleaner to clean up your workspace. The microfiber cloth safely cleans your computer monitor, while the brush cleans up the keyboard, desk and computer case. You get 2 handy sides for cleaning a monitor or keyboard. Made of plastic, this tool fits the marketing needs of the technology sector and more. Make a "clean" break in your business by ordering now!

Celebrate the Holidays in Style

Show your team how much they mean to you by giving them a gift they can keep using all year long. Company Christmas parties, Thanksgiving parades and more are just around the corner, and you'll want a few weeks to make sure everything comes in on time before the rush. At Lake Printing, you can trust us for the best promotional products at the Lake of the Ozarks, as well as for all of your other printing at the Lake of the Ozarks. Visit our website to learn more about our services, or give us a call for a quote!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Why Green Printing Processes Matter

In a day and age where many are trying to make an impact on the earth through their daily living habits - Lake Printing is no different. We have changed the way we work in the past few years, so that we are using products can be recycled and conserving on products that can't. Have you ever wondered why green print processes matter and make a difference? Here are a few really good reasons:

You Aren't Just Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

While many individuals choose to go green for the sake of reducing the impact they leave on the earth, in the past it also came with a price to pay. Either it was literally a higher price, or you weren't getting as high of quality in your product - that's not how it is any more! When you choose to go with recycled paper or soy ink, you are actually getting a very high quality product that matches if not exceeds the former, while still making a great impact.

It's Not Just About the Earth

While we do gain a sense of satisfaction from knowing that we're making an impact on the earth through our printing practices, there are other great reasons for changes the way printing has been done. In the past, there have been many toxic materials used in printing, such as silver, lead, chromium, cadmium, toluene, chloroform, methylene chloride, barium-based pigments and acrylic copolymers. As if that isn't bad enough, chlorine bleaching of paper could be linked ot cancer-causing water pollutants, and waste inks and solvents are ususally considered a hazardous material. We aren't just saving the earth through changing our processes, we're improving the quality of life for our employees and even their families.

Real Ways Lake Printing Makes An Impact

It's fine to talk about reasons that green printing is important, but it's only once you start making the change that it really becomes valuable. Here are jsut a few ways that Lake Printing is making an impact on the lives of our employees and the earth that we live on, while still providing you with quality print products at the Lake of the Ozarks.

  • Using soy ink instead of petroleum based ink. Using alcohol-free press solutions.
  • Recycling all wastepaper, cardboard, used printing plates, solvents, and used toner cartridges.
  • Using recycled paper whenever possible.
  • Creating printing plates with computer-to-plate technology.
  • Using washable shop towels in production area instead of disposable.
  • Sending customer proofs as PDF format via email whenever possible.
  • Re-using boxes and packing material received in incoming shipments to package outgoing deliveries.

Certified Green Print Company

The Lake Printing Company is proud to be FSC and SFI certified! Since paper comes from forests and forests provide us with clean water, fresh air, and even combats global warming, it is very important to protect them. Because of that, we offer you paper that has been certified to be kinder to the environment, as well as changing our ink and press solutions. When one company makes a change, it can start a ripple effect. If you want to join with us an help create a safer world for our families, while still accomplishing all of your business goals through high quality printing, visit our website to get your quote. Saving the earth just go easier.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Printing Services at the Lake of the Ozarks

From banners to business cards and everything in between, at Lake Printing, we take care of your promotional print and marketing for you. Big or small, we've got your back when it comes to producing high quality products for a price you can afford. We've been the top print company at the Lake of the Ozarks since 1949, and we look forward to continuing to provide the same great service for many more years. Here are a few of the services we provide and how it will help your business!

Services at Lake Printing

Graphic Design - no print project would be complete without a gorgeous design. While it can be easy to downplay the vital importance of the design of your print piece - it's actually invaluable. Our team can create the perfect piece for you, using your suggestions and their experience.

Printing - pamphlets, business cards, brochures, you name it. Our printing process allows you to have the freedom to create exactly what you need, and get it on paper in a professional and beautiful manner. Do you need business cards at the Lake of the Ozarks? We can help!

Binding - without the right binding,
your project will lack not only the correct look but also practicality. If you try to put a textbook that will be used on a frequent basis in a perfect binding, you will find that it falls apart more frequently. While putting a romance novel in a spiral binding would probably lack the finished look you were going for, and make it a little uncomfortable to read.

Mailing - not only can we create your perfect print piece, we can then mail it out to all of your clients. If you want to send out postcards, brochures, or magazines, we are the perfect choice for you.

Promotional Products - the effectiveness in a promotional products can seem hard to measure, but it's vitally important when you want people to become familiar with your logo, brand, and business.

Full Color Vinyl Banners  - blocky, boring banners of the past are just that - in the past. Now we can create a full color banner that accurately depicts what you need on your banner in an font, color, or style.

UV Coating (gloss, dull, or soft touch) - a print piece can look great, but it can look better with a UV coating. It makes your colors look richer and your design even more amazing.

Variable Data - we have found great success with variable data printing, especially with casinos. The reason it's so great is that you can customize each print piece for the person that it will be delivered to.

Die Cutting - do you need a special print piece that has a an odd shape? Die cutting allows you the flexibility of creating exactly what you need without the extra cost you'll find at some online print companies.

Print Locally

If you want to support your community and the people around you, you can work with local businesses. This doesn't only apply to us either! We work with the local businesses, and even businesses around the country to help them achieve their printing goals. Printing locally not only helps your local print company, but it also helps to support the other businesses in the area that we help market. If you're ready to get a quote on your next print project, visit our website today!

You Can Trust Lake Printing for Your Large & Small Print Needs

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The History of Lake Printing

Lake Printing is an established print company at the Lake of the Ozarks. With our years of service and excellent print quality, we have customers coming back even years later. We care about our local community, but we also have our eye to the future and know that expansion for larger print jobs is possible even now. Because of this, we specialize in large and small print jobs. If you aren't familiar with our company and the long history we've held at the Lake of the Ozarks, here is some information about us!

About Lake Printing

Lake Printing began in 1949 as a small Letterpress Shop in a basement located in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. In 1990 we moved into our present home: a 30,000 square foot facility on a 40-acre tract in Osage Beach, Missouri.

We boast top of the line Presses to handle projects of all sizes from wide format pieces to large runs. We also offer many additional small press capabilities as well as a variety of multiple special finishes in bindery to accommodate all of your needs. Our Pre-Press Department includes state of the art equipment such as an Epson 9900 Color Inkjet Printer and a Direct-to-Plate CREO Trendsetter to ensure that proofing requirements are met and your project is completed without sacrificing quality.

Our Services

  • Graphic Design
  • Printing
  • Finishing
  • Binding
  • Shipping
  • Mailing
  • Promotional Products
  • Full-Color Vinyl Banners 
  • Customized Apparel
  • Numbering
  • Lamination
  • UV Coating (gloss, dull, or soft touch)
  • Aqueous Coating (dull or gloss)
  • Variable Data
  • Foil Sampling
  • Die Cutting

Promotional Products

Lake Printing offers a plethora of products to help market your business or organization. From ink pens, cups and wine bottle openers to golf balls, key chains and outdoor chairs – we can help you promote! Browse our promotional items website with over 100,000 options to view and/or call 573.346.0600 to visit with us about your next project!

Work With a Print Team That You Trust

Whether your print project is big or small, you can count on the experienced team at Lake Printing to help you achieve greatness in your print projects. Our motto is to "Make Great Impressions," and that's exactly what we want to do for you and your company. Are you ready to take your print pieces to the next level? Visit our website to learn more about our services, see our portfolio, and even submit an online quote!

You Can Trust Lake Printing for Your Large & Small Print Needs

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