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Generate Sales with Newsletters

Advertising a business can be one of the largest expenses in a business's budget. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are getting the best return on your dollars. Newsletters can be an invaluable piece to your marketing campaign. As your premier printing company at the Lake of the Ozarks , Lake Printing is here to elaborate on just how beneficial newsletters can be for the bottom line of your business. Read on to learn more! Reach Your Target Market You will receive the best results when you specifically advertise to your target market - your ideal client. Newsletters get sent to people who have already shown interest in your business by buying your product or signing up for the business's mailing list. What an effective way to reach your ideal clients! Newsletters promote your business in a discreet way by sharing informative information without overtly pushing a sale. Newsletters help to promote your business, and since your mailing list is already interested in y

Promotional Items For Sports Fans

Summertime means sports season! Appeal to your clients who love this time of year by providing them with custom logoed products . Even if your business does not relate to sports, many of your customers will most likely attend a sporting event, if not many sporting events through the summer and fall months. Whether your customers will be sitting on the bleachers, or out on the field, Lake Printing has many promotional products we are certain they will love! Wide Mouth Sports Bottle This water bottle is available in a wide variety of bright and fun colors and can be purchased unimprinted or with a silkscreened imprint of your branding information. These are the perfect way to gain visibility at Trade show, company picnics, marathons, football, baseball, and more! Folded Golf Towel If your customers spend their weekends and beautiful days out on the course, we have a promotional product that will be perfect for them. This 100% cotton tri-fold golf towel with metal grommet and a hook wil

How to Choose Colors & Fonts That Fit your Brand

Have you ever wondered how to make your business noticeable without having to repeatedly tell consumers your name and tagline? A strong brand identity helps your customers recognize you immediately with little information. So, how might you create a strong brand identity? Your printing hub of the Midwest is here this week to explain how you can choose colors and fonts that will make your brand memorable. Your Brand Identity Your company’s brand identity includes visible elements that distinguish your brand from others, such as your brand logo, fonts, and colors. This not only sets you apart from other brands, but it portrays what your brand is about and what products and services you are providing. It is important to incorporate your branding in every visual medium from print and digital ads, to email templates and social media deliverables. The Right Color There are no “right” colors to use for your brand, but multiple factors can contribute to discovering colors that fit your brand

4 Benefits of Rebranding

In a world where trends are constantly changing, it can be hard to maintain a modern image. Rebranding is an option that many business owners often overlook. You should know that keeping the look and feel of your brand fresh and current can be the key to your business staying at the top of your industry. Whether you want to update your business cards, redesign your logo, or completely overhaul your public message, your printing hub of the Midwest is here to help! Continue reading for a few benefits of why rebranding can help improve and grow your business. 1. Stimulate Growth of Your Business By giving your company a new look or message, you can take a fresh perspective on your current customer demands, and create a brand that will meet their needs. Do some market research to pinpoint exactly what your customer’s wants and needs are, and rebrand to meet these needs. This can help stimulate growth by targeting exactly what your customers are looking for. If you have expanded to o