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10 Marketing Products for a New Business

The adrenaline that comes with starting a new business can be invigorating. At the beginning stages of business planning, there will be many new decisions from your logo to your business cards and everything in between. As you are in the beginning stages of planning, here are a few marketing products that can really make a huge difference for your new company and how the team at Lake Printing can come alongside you to help your dreams become a reality! Business Cards This is a staple, and probably doesn’t come as a surprise! Business cards are still an easy way to share your information with potential clients, and there are so many ways to incorporate digital content (like QR codes!) with this print medium. Letterhead & Envelopes Depending on the type of business you are starting, envelopes and letterhead may be a very practical choice for you. Our team can help you design something professional and then print these pieces for you. Magnets There are many purposes for magnets when

Golf Themed Promotional Products

We’ve been having some beautiful days here at the Lake of the Ozarks, and they are reminding us of fall! One of the best things about fall, in addition to the splendid colors and beautiful weather, are the activities that go along with it! Fall brings some of the best times of year to take up golfing, and if you offer these services at the Lake of the Ozarks , now is the time to get your promotional products ready for your upcoming guests. Here are a few golfing themed promotional products that would make great gifts or resale items! Golf Themed Promotional Products Whether you’re looking for something to sell in your golf shop or to give away to the golfers coming to play on your course, there are many items that you can stock up on now to make a big difference as you make your marketing goals for the next several months. Mesh Zipper Golf Valuable Bag The advanced mesh design allows for optimal breathability. Made-to-Order: Free Design, Free Digitizing, Free Embroidery, and Free Shipp

Tricks to Merge Online and Print Marketing Strategies

It feels like the biggest trick of all - combining what we know of tried and true print marketing tactics with the modern and digital world of online marketing. As you may find yourself in what feels like an alternate universe, being torn between familiar marketing strategies and modern updated ones, we would like to offer the opinion that you do not have to choose. There is a way to merge both the print marketing and online marketing, and our team at Lake Printing is here to help. We are the best printing company in the midwest, covering huge names and labels that you know and love - but not too large to offer incredible service to our local community and small businesses. Here are a few ways you can make the most of your marketing through print and online combined! Utilize QR Codes for Print Materials Did you know that QR codes are still a big deal in marketing? There are those who argue that they are “dead” but we’re offering the idea that they are just getting started! Aside from t

Trends in Print Marketing for 2020

Believe it or not, print marketing is still a huge part of business marketing. At Lake Printing , we’re here to make sure that you are staying on top of the trends so that your business always looks good. If you are still trying to figure out what the best ways for print marketing are for your business, here are a few trends that are incredibly popular right now and how we can help you make dreams into reality. Merging Digital and Print Marketing What makes marketing in this day and age so unique is that you get to combine the best of both worlds. All of the personal, colorful, and textural aspects of print marketing can bring out the best of digital marketing and vice versa. You can easily make your print marketing reflect your digital marketing, and your digital marketing reflects your print marketing. What’s more, you can have them work together! QR codes are still a huge part of marketing and are an easy way to get people where you want them to go. In fact, they are even more popu