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3 Tips to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

The goals of a trade show are to speak to as many people as possible, create leads, and sell as many of your products as you can.  In some industries the leads that are gathered at a trade show keep them busy throughout the year.  In this week’s blog, we will give you tips to make your booth stand out from the competition.  Plan your Display The trick to trade shows is to work on planning how your booth will look before the show.  It’s hard to put a great booth that will attract customers in the couple of hours you are given to set up your booth.  Whether you are going to have a display or just a backdrop you will want to make sure it looks professional.  Print companies can help you with this process.  If you let them know what you are looking for, they can print a display professionally that will appeal to the trade show audience.   If you only want a backdrop, decide how you would like to attach the backdrop, have it printed, and make sure the size will fit how you woul

5 Binding Methods for Books & Documents

Binding is the key component when printing a book, magazine, and even business documents. Several types of binding are available for these processes. At the printing hub of the Midwest , we offer many binding options for our customers to choose from for a specific project. In this week’s blog, we will highlight five binding options available in the printing world. 1. Saddle Stitching  Saddle Stitching is probably the most common and economical type of binding used today. This type of binding is used for books that do not have a lot of pages, 64 pages or fewer works best for this style. Comic books and small catalogs are perfect examples of saddle stitching. The saddle stitching process includes taking folded sheets placing one inside the other creating a book. When the pages are in order wire staples are then placed on the fold (spine) connecting the pages to create a book. The reason this process is called saddle stitching is the sheets of paper are placed over a machine t

The Difference Between Offset and Digital Printing

When you talk to a printing company do you know whether you want offset or digital printing for your project, or do you know the difference? Most people think printing is printing! In this week’s blog, we will explain the difference between these two printing methods. Hopefully, this information will help you make an easier decision during your next print project.  Offset Printing There were two versions of offset printing developed. In 1875 Robert Marclay of England developed offset printing to print on tin, while in 1904 Ira Washing Rubel of the United States developed offset printing to print on paper. Offset printing uses plates that are generally made from aluminum. The plates are used to transfer the inked imaged from a plate to a rubber blanket. Then they are transferred from the rubber blanket to the printing surface. The ink is not transferred directly onto the paper which is why this process is called offset. A large reel of paper is fed through a large press mach

5 Ideas to Create the Perfect Restaurant Menu

Are you getting ready to open a new restaurant or do you own a restaurant and thinking about updating your menu with a fresh new look?  A menu is one of the first impressions a customer has of a restaurant.  If your menu is well designed and printed professionally , it can be your main advertising tool to drive profits for your company.   Keep it Simple Customers appreciate a simple and to the point menu.  A menu that has the thickness of a book is not necessarily the best route to take.  This generally happens when restaurants include photos of each item they have on the menu.  Instead of photos try listing out the ingredients of the dish, that should help cut out a few extra pages within the menu.  If you insist on having photos of certain dishes, hire a professional photographer to capture the perfect image of the dish.  Appropriate Sections Think logically while designing the layout of the menu. The customer easily finding the dish they are looking for is very im