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Choosing the Right Binding for YOUR Print Project

The binding you use plays a huge role in the durability of your print project. While there are many great bindings available, Lake Printing specializes in saddle binding, coil binding, and perfect binding. Each of these can be excellent for your print projects, but we'd like to tell you which would be PERFECT for your print project. The Importance of Binding When your book has the correct binding, it can last longer and be more durable. Whether it's a textbook, pamphlet or soft cover book, there is an appropriate binding for each of your custom print projects . With several processes involved like cutting, folding, gluing, hole punching, stapling, and more, you'll want to use a professional printing company to take care of this. Saddle Binding A saddle stitch binding is a great method when you want to create booklets, notebooks, workbooks, catalogs, promotional books, event programs, coloring books, and other publications. When you want to achieve a profe

Rebrand Your Business for 2016

If you have seen the latest Old Spice commercials, noticed the resurgence of Harley-Davidson from near bankruptcy, or observed that McDonalds now looks and acts a lot like Starbucks, then you have seen rebranding in action. Many companies begin the New Year with some strategic planning, and rebranding can be part of that. Whether you only want to update your business cards, redesign your logo, or completely overhaul your public message, the start of 2016 may offer that opportunity. Here are a few reasons that updating your brand can help improve and grow your company. It Can Help Stimulate Growth By giving your company a new look or message, you can take a fresh perspective at your current customer demands, and create a brand that will meet their needs. Do some market research to pinpoint exactly what your customer’s wants and needs are, and rebrand to meet these needs. Re-branding can help stimulate growth by targeting exactly what your customers are looking for. Innovation Co

6 Colors That Can Make Your Print Product STAND OUT

The colors that you choose for your marketing can play a huge role in how successful your print materials will be. Picking the right colors will ensure your project really shines. While Lake Printing stays on top of color trends and styles, we also use your product as the guideline to help us create the best print product for you. Here are a few tips to know which colors will help you out the most when creating print products. Choose Colors Carefully While it's hard to say why colors make people feel a certain way, researchers have found that up to 90% of fast judgments made about products can be based on color alone. Color can also play a role in your branding. In fact, when it comes to picking the "right" color, some research has found that predicting your customer’s reaction to the color in relation to the product is far more important than the individual color itself. If you're appealing to a group of people who want to feel rugged and strong, your prod

Promotional Products: Give the Gift That Keeps On Giving

The holiday's are a wonderful time to thank your customers and your employees with customized promotional products . Lake Printing has thousands of promotional products you can choose from, so when you need something special for your business we'll be able to find the perfect promotional product to represent you. We've chosen a few products that are especially great for this time of year and are great giveaways for your employees or customers. Reactive Glaze Spooner Mug Say Merry Christmas with a mug, and the attached spoon is also a fun addition. You can decorate this mug for your customers with a few packets of hot chocolate and a chocolate spoon to make it even better. It comes in six colors: red, blue, green, beige, brown, and pink. 16 oz. Color Accent Travel Tumbler You can get this double-walled, stainless steel tumbler in blue, lime green and red. It has a plastic interior, and colored accents on the lid and the inside sleeve. This

Make GREAT First Impressions with Your Business Cards

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression." Will Rogers If you think cutting costs on your business cards is a good idea, think again. There are many instances where your business card will be the first impression you make on your customer. Even if you hand a business card to someone in person, your card can leave a lasting impression with them as you part ways. From the type of paper you use to the text size and font, there are ways your cards can be attention grabbing,  Here are three ways a custom designed business card from Lake Printing can make better impressions than a stock designed, online storefront. Mastering the Look and Feel Choosing the correct type of paper for your business cards can play a key role in making great first impressions. A high gloss, shiny card is ideal when you have bright colors or a detailed image - making this ideal for photographers, jewelers, custom craftsman, or anyone who wants to include an image of