Thursday, December 31, 2015

Choosing the Right Binding for YOUR Print Project

The binding you use plays a huge role in the durability of your print project. While there are many great bindings available, Lake Printing specializes in saddle binding, coil binding, and perfect binding. Each of these can be excellent for your print projects, but we'd like to tell you which would be PERFECT for your print project.

The Importance of Binding

When your book has the correct binding, it can last longer and be more durable. Whether it's a textbook, pamphlet or soft cover book, there is an appropriate binding for each of your custom print projects. With several processes involved like cutting, folding, gluing, hole punching, stapling, and more, you'll want to use a professional printing company to take care of this.

Saddle Binding

A saddle stitch binding is a great method when you want to create booklets, notebooks, workbooks, catalogs, promotional books, event programs, coloring books, and other publications. When you want to achieve a professional look, without a lot of expense this is a great choice. For a saddle binding, you can have as few as 8 pages or as many as 48, and you can only use this binding on portrait oriented publications. We recommend letting our team set up the print file for you, but if you will be doing the layout, you'll want to allow a 1/2" margin on the binding edge of every page, and, at least, a 1/4" on the top, bottom and outside edges.

Plastic Spiral Binding

Plastic spiral (coil) binding provides a unique advantage over other bookbinding styles, in that it allows the print product to lie flat when open. Plastic coils are durable, scratch resistant, and the pages won't come loose from them. While this binding can be used on many different projects, it is perfect for cookbooks, technical and instructional books, workbooks and manuals, children's books, gardening, hobby, and craft books. You can use as few at eight pages, and as many as 450. If you'll be preparing the print files on your own, we recommend at least a 1/2" margin on the binding edge of the book, and a 1/4" on the other edges. This helps put your content in the center of the page. For best results, we recommend entrusting the layout of your project to our graphic designers. Your cover can be laid out the same as the pages, and we can use a cardstock the same as any soft cover book covers.

Perfect Binding
This is also known as soft cover binding, and it's a professional and economical binding method. It's a popular choice for anyone who is publishing a book at the Lake of the Ozarks because of the finished look. With this type of binding, we apply an adhesive to the spine side of the pages, and the cover is wrapped around. After the adhesive is dry, the book is trimmed on three sides leaving you with a beautiful, yet functional presentation. The minimum number of pages for perfect binding is 24, and the maximum number of pages is 900. Because of all of the steps involved in printing and binding, we recommend that you give us a call and we'll help you with the layout of your print piece.  Your cover is generally made out of a professional cardstock, and can be UV or aqueous coated.

Book Publishing at the Lake of the Ozarks

The right binding will help guarantee the long term life of your print project. Our team at Lake Printing would be glad to answer your questions and help you choose the correct binding for any of your print products. Along with bindings, we can also help you match the right paper types and finishes to your print piece. Let the best print company at the Lake of the Ozarks assist you in creating an exceptional print product. Give us a call today for a quote!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Rebrand Your Business for 2016

If you have seen the latest Old Spice commercials, noticed the resurgence of Harley-Davidson from near bankruptcy, or observed that McDonalds now looks and acts a lot like Starbucks, then you have seen rebranding in action. Many companies begin the New Year with some strategic planning, and rebranding can be part of that. Whether you only want to update your business cards, redesign your logo, or completely overhaul your public message, the start of 2016 may offer that opportunity. Here are a few reasons that updating your brand can help improve and grow your company.

It Can Help Stimulate Growth

By giving your company a new look or message, you can take a fresh perspective at your current customer demands, and create a brand that will meet their needs. Do some market research to pinpoint exactly what your customer’s wants and needs are, and rebrand to meet these needs. Re-branding can help stimulate growth by targeting exactly what your customers are looking for.

Innovation Could Equal Profitability

Your company should always strive to keep up with any technology or technological advancement in your industry. Many customers want to deal with a company that is “state of the art”, and they will feel reassured that they are using a company with the best technology out there. A re-brand can help improve profitability especially when your competitors are not keeping on top of technology.

Your Market May Have Changed

One reason you should consider re-branding is if your demographic has changed. If your customers have gotten older or younger, they may be looking for a fresher message that can be achieved through updated branding. If you’ve expanded your company, you may also need to reach a larger demographic. If the look of your company doesn’t reflect what you are selling, promoting your brand could be hurting rather than helping. As technology changes, watch out to make sure that your technology has not become obsolete. For example, if your company used to revolve around VHS tapes and cassettes, when CDs and DVDs came out it would have been extremely important to update your branding in order to stay afloat.

Repositioning May Be Needed 

Sometimes rebranding isn’t as important as repositioning. If your company name still stands strong and is a good representation of what you do, but your message or image is wrong, you can consider repositioning your brand. If your brand has gone international, or you have a new product or service on the market, repositioning can really help you communicate what your company is about. A great example of repositioning is the men’s cologne company, “Old Spice.” Their brand was well established for many years – but it wasn’t working for the market that they wanted to hit. Since 1938, Old Spice had been associated with elderly gentlemen, but in 2008, it all changed with the Old Spice Swagger Campaign. They realized that the “Glacial Falls” scent wasn’t selling, so they worked with Wieden + Kennedy (the marketing company that Old Spice hired to reposition their branding) to create the “Swagger” campaign. It was the exact same scent, but it was repositioned to appeal to the demographic that they want to target. Now Old Spice has completely repositioned their brand to target the right customers and they're getting the right results.

Trust the Best Printing Company at the Lake of the Ozarks

Lake Printing has been around for over 60 years and we've seen our share of branding changes and repositioning through the decades. We excel at creating a new look for you and your business, and our graphic designers at the Lake of the Ozarks would love to help you get started. From your logo to your business cards and banners, our team can help you improve every detail of your branding. Give us a call today and give your business a facelift for 2016!

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

6 Colors That Can Make Your Print Product STAND OUT

The colors that you choose for your marketing can play a huge role in how successful your print materials will be. Picking the right colors will ensure your project really shines. While Lake Printing stays on top of color trends and styles, we also use your product as the guideline to help us create the best print product for you. Here are a few tips to know which colors will help you out the most when creating print products.

Choose Colors Carefully

While it's hard to say why colors make people feel a certain way, researchers have found that up to 90% of fast judgments made about products can be based on color alone. Color can also play a role in your branding. In fact, when it comes to picking the "right" color, some research has found that predicting your customer’s reaction to the color in relation to the product is far more important than the individual color itself. If you're appealing to a group of people who want to feel rugged and strong, your product or print material that's covered in glitter and pink may not go over as well. Let your business and your demographic help you choose appropriate colors to represent your company.

Psychology of Color

Here is a guide that can help you choose the best colors for your custom print project.


Red invokes excitement, as well as youthfulness and boldness. The color is attractive and looks good in a variety of shades and on many projects. It conveys liveliness, potential power, passion, and enthusiasm. Red can also stimulate an appetite, which makes it a great color if you're in the food industry, and it's also a popular color with females.


Friendly, cheerful and confident are just a few of the feelings that orange brings about. It combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. Orange has a very high visibility and is a great option for catching someone's eye. It can also be a good choice when promoting food products and toys.


This bright, friendly color can invite optimism, clarity and warmth. It's an attention-grabbing color, and it blends well with dark backgrounds - making it a great color to feature in your print materials. On the flip side, yellow can be used to create feelings of caution, and studies show many people find this color unlikeable.


When you want to convey peace, growth and health you can use green to help get the point across. It also suggests stability and endurance, as well as safety when advertising medical products. Green is also a great color to show that you are a "green" company - like us! We include green hues throughout our print and web materials to convey that we are a green printing company in the United States.


Trust, dependability, and strength are just a few traits that blue can relay to your customers. It can also convey a sense of control and authority, which explains why you may find it in the logos of financial institutions, and well-known global brands.


Purple represents your company with sophistication and is a color that invokes beauty and luxury. It is generally linked with classy and/or pricey products, so you may target the high-paying or upscale market when you use this color.

Best Printing Company at the Lake of the Ozarks

The colors you use can help with the audience you're aiming for. Let our team help you target the right customers with your print and promotional materials. From large to small print orders we can help you achieve just what you need with your business cards, pamphlets, books, ads and more! Check out our website today to learn about the different services we offer and how we help protect the earth with our green printing.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Promotional Products: Give the Gift That Keeps On Giving

The holiday's are a wonderful time to thank your customers and your employees with customized promotional products. Lake Printing has thousands of promotional products you can choose from, so when you need something special for your business we'll be able to find the perfect promotional product to represent you. We've chosen a few products that are especially great for this time of year and are great giveaways for your employees or customers.

Say Merry Christmas with a mug, and the attached spoon is also a fun addition. You can decorate this mug for your customers with a few packets of hot chocolate and a chocolate spoon to make it even better. It comes in six colors: red, blue, green, beige, brown, and pink.

You can get this double-walled, stainless steel tumbler in blue, lime green and red. It has a plastic interior, and colored accents on the lid and the inside sleeve. This gift would be a great way to keep your logo in front of your customers daily.

Wine accessories are a great way to say "Happy Holidays!" This wine tote is ideal for taking to parties and events throughout the holiday season, making it a perfect time to order and gift them. Effectively promote your business on this tote with bright color accents that will draw the eye to your logo. You can choose from red, blue, lime and black, and this tote will hold a 1.5-liter bottle.

Everyone loves having a good pen on their desk, give your customers a new favorite to start the new year! This click action pen is striking with it's bright colors and chrome accents. You can feature your logo on the side with 18 different imprint colors, and the pen comes in gold, green, silver, blue, and black. 

A great gift to give your customer is imprinted coasters. They're not only a nice way to protect your furniture, but they can spread the word of your business. They are made out of cork, which is a good way to help the earth. It's harvested in a natural way that doesn't harm the tree, so you can be green while still providing your customers with a great product.

'Tis the season for giving! Give your customers something they can use all year long that will keep you top of mind at the same time. From promotional products to bold print materials, Lake Printing can help you create a professional look for your business. Give us a call today to get a quote for some exciting new promotional products that can help your business stand out.

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Make GREAT First Impressions with Your Business Cards

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."
Will Rogers

If you think cutting costs on your business cards is a good idea, think again. There are many instances where your business card will be the first impression you make on your customer. Even if you hand a business card to someone in person, your card can leave a lasting impression with them as you part ways. From the type of paper you use to the text size and font, there are ways your cards can be attention grabbing, 

Here are three ways a custom designed business card from Lake Printing can make better impressions than a stock designed, online storefront.

Mastering the Look and Feel

Choosing the correct type of paper for your business cards can play a key role in making great first impressions. A high gloss, shiny card is ideal when you have bright colors or a detailed image - making this ideal for photographers, jewelers, custom craftsman, or anyone who wants to include an image of their product. If you take appointments for your business, matte paper is a great touch for when you want to write notes on the back of your cards. There are so many different paper varieties and purposes, but our team can talk with you and help you make the best decision for your company.

Working One-On-One

One of the benefits of working with Lake Printing is that you can work with our team to create the perfect business cards. You don't have to navigate all of the details that make your print products amazing by yourself. Our knowledge of paper, design and details can assist you in creating a product that will leave a lasting impression on your customers, and not put a lot of stress on you in the process.

Adding The Finishing Touch

There are many details that you can add to your business cards to take them from average to exciting. One simple change that can make an impact on the presentation of your card can be round corners. Foil stamping is another way you can add a touch of class to your business cards. There are many finishing touches that you can add to make your business cards stand out, and our team would love to show you these options. 

It's important to make good investments for your business. Professional business cards can a wonderful way to not only make a good impact on your customers, but every card is similar to a sales team. Your cards always represent you, and they can say exactly what you need them to. Let our team create an eye-catching business card for you that not only makes you stand out but will make a great first impression!

You Can Trust Lake Printing for Your Large & Small Print Needs

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