Choosing the Right Binding for YOUR Print Project

The binding you use plays a huge role in the durability of your print project. While there are many great bindings available, Lake Printing specializes in saddle binding, coil binding, and perfect binding. Each of these can be excellent for your print projects, but we'd like to tell you which would be PERFECT for your print project.

The Importance of Binding

When your book has the correct binding, it can last longer and be more durable. Whether it's a textbook, pamphlet or soft cover book, there is an appropriate binding for each of your custom print projects. With several processes involved like cutting, folding, gluing, hole punching, stapling, and more, you'll want to use a professional printing company to take care of this.

Saddle Binding

A saddle stitch binding is a great method when you want to create booklets, notebooks, workbooks, catalogs, promotional books, event programs, coloring books, and other publications. When you want to achieve a professional look, without a lot of expense this is a great choice. For a saddle binding, you can have as few as 8 pages or as many as 48, and you can only use this binding on portrait oriented publications. We recommend letting our team set up the print file for you, but if you will be doing the layout, you'll want to allow a 1/2" margin on the binding edge of every page, and, at least, a 1/4" on the top, bottom and outside edges.

Plastic Spiral Binding

Plastic spiral (coil) binding provides a unique advantage over other bookbinding styles, in that it allows the print product to lie flat when open. Plastic coils are durable, scratch resistant, and the pages won't come loose from them. While this binding can be used on many different projects, it is perfect for cookbooks, technical and instructional books, workbooks and manuals, children's books, gardening, hobby, and craft books. You can use as few at eight pages, and as many as 450. If you'll be preparing the print files on your own, we recommend at least a 1/2" margin on the binding edge of the book, and a 1/4" on the other edges. This helps put your content in the center of the page. For best results, we recommend entrusting the layout of your project to our graphic designers. Your cover can be laid out the same as the pages, and we can use a cardstock the same as any soft cover book covers.

Perfect Binding
This is also known as soft cover binding, and it's a professional and economical binding method. It's a popular choice for anyone who is publishing a book at the Lake of the Ozarks because of the finished look. With this type of binding, we apply an adhesive to the spine side of the pages, and the cover is wrapped around. After the adhesive is dry, the book is trimmed on three sides leaving you with a beautiful, yet functional presentation. The minimum number of pages for perfect binding is 24, and the maximum number of pages is 900. Because of all of the steps involved in printing and binding, we recommend that you give us a call and we'll help you with the layout of your print piece.  Your cover is generally made out of a professional cardstock, and can be UV or aqueous coated.

Book Publishing at the Lake of the Ozarks

The right binding will help guarantee the long term life of your print project. Our team at Lake Printing would be glad to answer your questions and help you choose the correct binding for any of your print products. Along with bindings, we can also help you match the right paper types and finishes to your print piece. Let the best print company at the Lake of the Ozarks assist you in creating an exceptional print product. Give us a call today for a quote!

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