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WOW Your Customers With Wall Graphics

From the curb appeal of the parking lot to the exterior and interior layout, people are judging your business, professionally and qualitatively based on these initially visible features. Wall graphics for your business are a wonderful way to make a big impact. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and large wall graphics from Lake Printing Company can help you to say a lot more than just a regular sign ever could. As the printing hub of the Midwest , Lake Printing is here to tell you that branded wall graphics can be a great tool for enhancing the visual impact and impression of your business, while effectively communicating your message to passersby. Continue reading to find out more about this high-impact tool. What is a Wall Graphic? Also referred to as a "wall sticker," wall graphics are just that. A type of vinyl sticker that can be used for decoration or to convey information. In some cases, depending on what you need, wall graphics can be a small accent bo

FAQs About Customized Apparel

From screen printing to embroidery, having customized apparel for your business, events, and organizations can make a huge difference. However, it can be a time filled with questions and decisions, so if you don’t know what to expect, it may feel a bit overwhelming as you get started. Here are a few frequently asked questions that can help give you a starting place before placing your order with Lake Printing at Lake of the Ozarks . Frequently Asked Questions Q: How much does it cost to make a custom shirt? A: This question is pretty relative, but will depend on the type of garment that you are ordering, how many you are ordering, how many locations you want to print, and how many colors are printed on each location. Q: What file format do you need for artwork? A: This depends on what type of customization you are having done. If you are choosing a screen print or vinyl, an Illustrator or Photoshop file are great. If you need to do something different, other options are .eps or .s

5 Ideas to Create an Eye Catching Restaurant Menu

Are you getting ready to open a new restaurant or already own a restaurant, but thinking about updating your menu with a fresh, new look? A menu is one of the first impressions a customer has of a restaurant, and how you present your dishes in print can be just as important as what your server delivers to your customers’ tables. A great restaurant menu is not just a list of dishes you offer, it is also a unique sales tool. Read on for 5 ways a professionally designed and printed menu can boost your business and leave your customers hungry for more! 1. Keep it Simple Customers appreciate a simple and to the point menu. A menu that has the thickness of a book is not necessarily the best route to take. This problem generally happens when restaurants include photos of each item on the menu. Instead of photos, try listing out the ingredients of the dish to help cut out a few unnecessary pages within the menu. If you insist on including photos of certain dishes, hire a professional ph

5 Print Marketing Trends of 2021

Print marketing has always been a relevant tool for marketers within every kind of business. Printed marketing materials are guaranteed to be seen and at Lake Printing , we are here to make sure that you are staying on top of trends that will keep your business looking good. If you are struggling to figure out the most effective print marketing materials for your business, then continue reading to learn about five trends that are incredibly popular right now. 1. Personalized Printed Materials Personalized print is a trend that has been around and will continue being an effective print strategy for years to come. This is simply because customization generates better results. Every business needs to have a goal of creating something personalized just for them. By incorporating personalized print marketing pieces, you can easily and affordably create marketing materials that are tailored for your business and potential customers. 2. Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns If your goal is to save

Promotional Items For Boaters

As summer kicks into full gear at the Lake of the Ozarks, we are reminded about all of the businesses around us who promote services or merchandise to boaters. Boating is an activity that consistently requires the purchase of new supplies, new parts, and routine boat maintenance and cleaning. As people start spending more time at the lake, you will want to utilize the power of promotional products for your business. This week, Lake Printing is here to explain how these products will benefit your business and to share a few of our favorites! Best Ways to Distribute Promotional Items for Marinas Your goal as a business owner who sells primarily to boaters is to not only obtain new boating customers, but to also keep them coming back. There are many ways you can distribute promotional products for your marina. By giving away branded promotional items that are useful on the boat, you will ensure your customers will not forget you. That way, your business name will continue to float above