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4 FAQ's About Graphic Design

 In today's modern era, people respond more to visuals than just written text. So, when trying to market yourself, it's vital to communicate with your audience in the language they're most receptive to and understand. Graphic design is an exceptional way to communicate effectively with your target audience. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, be sure they're good ones. Hiring a professional graphic designer  can drastically impact the reach and effectiveness of your message. Here at Lake Printing, the printing hub of the Midwest , our technicians and designers work tirelessly to design custom pieces of art to concisely communicate your message to your ideal clients. Read on for a few tips when considering graphic design.  What Can a Professional Graphic Designer do For Me? A professional graphic designer can offer a fresh and innovative set of eyes for your project or idea. Let's take business cards for example, which set of business cards would you ta

An Exceptional Array of Printing Services

 When it comes to making a great impression that will last, Lake Printing is your premier printing service in the Midwest . We understand the importance of reaching your clients with a positive message and as such have adopted a vast array of professional printing services  to reach your clients in nearly any manner you can think of. With over seven decades in the printing industry, we're proud to say, "if you think it, we can ink it." So, for all your printing needs, Lake Printing is here to help - check out our printing service portfolio below. Wall Graphics Imagine the impact that a full-sized, floor to ceiling branded visual could provide to your company. These large pieces work wonders to draw the attention of passersby, gaining you valuable awareness. Vehicle Wraps A cost-effective solution compared to a new paint job. Vehicle wraps are a great tool to market your company as you travel around the community. Wraps are temporary, creative, and can serve as a great mar

Marketing Promotion Ideas for the Holiday Season

The holiday season holds a great opportunity for you to generate sales to increase your bottom line before the end of the year, and creating quality print marketing content to promote your business is an excellent way to do so. When you work with the printing hub of the Midwest  you'll receive exceptional printed materials and service that will ease the design and execution process, while having you stand out from the competition. In this week's blog, we are going to showcase a few marketing ideas that can boost your holiday season. Holiday Promotional Products Branding promotional products is a great way to reach potential clients and to stay top of mind. If you offer a service or retail product, offering free promotional items that clients will use daily, such as a coffee mug, pen, wine bottle openers, key chains, or even outdoor chairs, will have you at the forefront of their mind. So, even if they're not currently in the market, using your pen every day at work will ha

Using Professional Holiday Cards for Your Business

The holiday season is the perfect time to capitalize on branded holiday cards. They are a great way to stay top of mind by sharing a little holiday spirit with your vendors, clientele, and those you work with on a daily basis. It lets them know that you are thinking about them, but also positively impacts your business by getting your brand in front of them - staying top of mind. At Lake Printing, the printing hub of the Midwest , we specialize in print materials large or small and have a vast portfolio of professionally crafted print projects. This gives us the capabilities and experience needed to design the perfect branded holiday card for your business. So, if you're looking for ways to stay at the forefront of your clientele's mind this holiday season, let Lake Printing assist you with all your Midwest printing needs. Top 5 Benefits of Sending Out Holiday Cards Brand marketing opportunity - professionally printed holiday cards are a way to increase brand awareness in a