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Lake Printing Services

Lake Printing began in 1949 as a small Letterpress Shop. Since 1949 we have expanded our product line and serve clients nationwide! We have top of the line Presses to handle projects of all sizes. We have printing capabilities from small press to wide format printing and large runs. Lake Printing has a large product offering and would like to share with you the services we offer. Graphic Design One thing that makes Lake Printing unique is we offer in-house graphic design services . Marketing your business starts with a great design! Lake Printing offers superior graphic design services at the Lake of the Ozarks and nationwide to accommodate all your printing needs. Promotional Products  We offer a plethora of products to help market your business or organization. From ink pens, cups, wine bottle openers, to golf balls, key chains, and outdoor chairs. We want to help you promote your business! Visit our website to view over 100,000 promotional product o

The Best Signage For Your Marketing Campaign

Are you thinking about upping your marketing campaign game? Having visually stimulating signage can play a huge roll in a successful marketing campaign. Lake Printing is here to help you by producing your business' signs that will attract consumers. Lake Printing offers a variety of printing products that can help you with all aspects of your marketing campaign. Below are what we believe are the best signage for your marketing campaign. Brand Consistently is Important  Before you decide what kind of signs you should use to advertise a business or event , you should think about what you want your signs to look like. Brand consistency is a very important part of any marketing campaign. You should try to make all your ads look similar. Use the same colors, fonts, and logos in all your advertisement. Every advertisement shouldn't look identical, but you should try to have a common theme or element in all your ads, especially your logo. The reason you want brand consistency

Add Richness and Depth to Your Business with Digital Wallcoverings!

From hotels and convention centers to retail stores and office spaces, the new next level decor piece that's making a huge statement is  digital wallcoverings ! Wallcoverings can create an experience and evoke emotional response that can turn any setting into a visual stunner. For this reason alone, digital wallcoverings are becoming a  powerful marketing tool for commercial design . Perfect for Personalization Digital printing technologies  take wallcoverings to the next level by providing multitudes of opportunities for personalization. Custom designs can be created from scratch by our in-house designers working in collaboration with you to meet your specific needs and desires. From Focal Point to Mood Setting While wallcoverings continue to expand their use within the hospitality industry, the design opportunities are such that they truly can be used in any industry. Retail stores and corporations are embracing the brand capabilities of digital wallcoverings, communicat

Lake Printing is GREEN Printing!

Printing is a practice that is used in almost every office space all over the world, and it involves electricity, ink, and paper. All of these can make a huge impact on the planet, and that's why Lake Printing has become a  Green Certified Printer . We care about protecting this planet, but we also realize that you need professional print products just as much as ever, so we've found a great compromise. Here are a few reasons why we believe in green printing, and how our shop protects the earth one sheet of paper at a time. It's in the Ink At Lake Printing we use green printing practices from beginning to end, so it's no surprise that even our ink is eco-friendly. We use soy ink instead of petroleum based ink not just because it's better for the earth, but it can also produce brighter, more vibrant colors. This means that the end result is safe for the earth and visually appealing. It can also be more cost effective than other oil-based inks. Recycling T