Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Showcase Your Fundraiser Through Print Materials

Promote your cause using time-tested print materials. In a world that is bombarded with digital promotions and online marketing, direct mail still brings in 78% of donations for non-profits. While the majority of the population will use social media and website to learn about a cause and gain information, direct mail and print materials can reinforce that you are a legitimate cause with a purpose to help others. Here are a few ways Lake Printing can help you use a variety of print materials for a fundraiser.

Promotional Products

The value of a promotional product can often be immeasurable, but there are some statistics that prove their value. After receiving a promotional product, 85% of consumers will do business with the advertiser. At Lake Printing, we have many promotional products that you can use to promote your business, event or cause, and help to keep it top of mind. Our products have a varying range of prices, so we can assist you in finding something that will fit the budget of your organization. From pens to USB flash drives, and even blankets and ice scrapers, we have unique items that will fit the needs of your customers, but also, demonstrate what your organization is about.

Direct Mail Marketing

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is an effective and cost efficient way to deliver news about your new service or cause. You can create a colorful advertisement that will be eye-catching but still conveys the important details about why you need funding for your cause. While many people think that online marketing is the best way to reach out to your clients, 56% of customers still find that direct mail is the most trustworthy type of marketing. At Lake Printing, we can help you create an attractive piece that can be mailed out to only your current supporters, or we can help you find new supporters in the area.

Professionally Designed Flyers

Whether you want to get the word out about your next big event, or you need your customers to know about your organization, we can help. Our skilled graphic designers can assist you in creating a flyer that will not only catch the attention of passers-by but also inform people of the important details of your cause or event.

Eye Catching Pamphlets

A pamphlet can be one of the greatest ways to get a lot of information into your customer's hands. These print materials can hold more details than a flyer, but they are still compact and easy to distribute. Our design team has years of experience in graphic design, and they can help you to achieve a look that represents your cause, but does it in a very professional way.

Trust Lake Printing For YOUR Printing Needs

Whether you have a special event coming up, or your business is looking to improve their print marketing at the Lake of the Ozarks, we can help. Our team of experts have years of experience in the print and marketing fields. We can use this knowledge to help your company or cause achieve the goals they've created for 2016 and the years to come. Contact us today to receive a quote for your next print products!

You Can Trust Lake Printing for Your Large & Small Print Needs

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

5 Ways to Create Eye-Catching Packaging

We can help you create a packaging for your product that helps it to fly off the shelves! While they may say "don't judge a book by its cover," your product will be judged by its packaging.  It's time to get your pulse on the trending designs and design a packaging that will catch your customers attention, and leave them intrigued enough to buy it. In fact, according to Business Insider, the first impression generally takes about 7 seconds, and judgements are made based on the quick information they gathered

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you are thinking about your packaging, and learning how to brand your company and products.

Keep It Simple

The packaging of your product has a very distinct purpose, and you want to operate within that. You want the packaging to be eye-catching, easily transportable, include warnings, as well as preserve and protect your product. Custom packaging can be a great investment, and extremely valuable, helping you to make the most from your marketing money.

Look Past the Shelf

Think of the lifestyle that your potential customer may have. This will help you create a packaging that will fit their needs and the needs of your product. Think about how long the packing will remain in your customer's home. If your product is something that won't be eaten or consumed right away, make sure that the packaging is sturdy enough to last until the product is gone. By thinking about different lifestyle's, you can help make a more effective product packaging.

Think Green

Many consumers are also becoming more aware of their recycling habits. As you're designing and making decisions about your packaging, be aware of environmental issues, and how your packaging may impact them. Creating striking packaging designs that double as eco-friendly can also help a customer choose your product over another in some cases.

Think Outside the Box (Or Bag)

When creating your design, or thinking of a concept, you can rely on the Lake Printing team to help you come up with something creative. While you want your packaging to be simple, thinking outside the box will help achieve the bold look you may be looking for. Incorporating new textures, colors, and fonts can help make an attractive impression.

Consider Branding

Many people look for your product based on the packaging as they skim the aisles. You'll want it to be unique and stand out. If you're looking for your favorite cold medicine and it's packaged in a brightly colored box, your eye will be drawn to it. If you have many products on the shelves, consider keeping the branding similar so the consumers know which belong to your company.

Creating Unique Product Packaging

At Lake Printing, we can help you achieve product packaging that will grab the attention of your consumers, but also effectively markets your business. Our die cutting process is top of the line, and we take your needs serious. Contact us today to learn how we can help you not only with your packaging at the Lake of the Ozarks, but with all of your other printing needs as well!

You Can Trust Lake Printing for Your Large & Small Print Needs

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Promote Your Company Through Mailings

Direct mailing can be a powerful tool for improving your bottom line. You can create an ad or print material that is geared specifically for your customer, giving them something they want and a reason to buy from you. In some cases, you can remind your customers of a reason that they wanted to come visit you, and even give them the incentive to do so. While many may think that the old-fashioned mailings are out of date, here are a few ways they can still benefit your business.

Highly Targeted

When you send a mailing out, you aren't just sending them out to anyone and everyone. These mailings are highly targeted to reach the customers who need them. Whether you're appealing to long-time customers or new prospects, you can send a coupon or special announcement to your customers through print materials. Show your customers you care about them, by giving them the info that they want to see.

Mail Is Tangible

While internet marketing and email blasts can be effective forms of spreading information, print mailing has a different appeal. You can tangibly hold a printed card, and print materials tend to hold more credibility than just the run of the mill online ad. People can be leery of emails or let the promotional emails go unread for months, but a print material is delivered right to their door, and the professional look can build trust.

Results Can Be Measured

It can be easy to measure the results of your mailing campaign, and there won't be any complicated analytics to decode afterwards. You can track the success simply by the number of inquiries made, or coupons redeemed. It's that simple.

It is Cost Effective

Direct mail can be relatively economical in the long run. The creation and printing of your mailings are going to be affordable, especially when you work with Lake Printing. We help you through the entire creation process to make an effective direct mailing at the Lake of the Ozarks. While it may seem that the cost of postage is incredibly high, there are mass mail rates available for a direct mail campaign, and this can help in your marketing effort.

Supports Your Current Marketing Efforts

No matter what other marketing campaigns you are making available to your clients, print mailings can help support them. You can build a cohesive marketing campaign that increases awareness for a new product, encourages purchases of products they already love or boost new services.

Lake of the Ozarks Print Marketing

Lake Printing can assist you in establishing a print marketing plan. Our team is experienced in the upcoming trends of print products at the Lake of the Ozarks, and we can assist you with any questions along the way. Give us a call at 573-346-0600 today to see how mail marketing, print materials and promotional products can make a difference in your business!

You Can Trust Lake Printing for Your Large & Small Print Needs

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Showcase Your Company with the Most Popular Promotional Products

Catch the attention of your current or potential customers through customized promotional products. Several studies from marketers have shown that over 60% of people could recall the brand on a promotional product they received in the last 12 months. This shows that you can increase your brand recognition significantly by providing a product that your customers will use. Check out these ten compelling products to consider in your next marketing campaign.

Computer/Electronic Accessories

Customized flash drives are one of the most popular and most liked promotional items you can distribute to your customers. They can display your logo visibly while being useful, and your customer may carry it around with them daily. You can also offer mousepads, cell phone holders, phone chargers and more.


Drawstring backpacks and tote bags are all wonderful examples of bags that your customers can use. They are a useful item, and may also be used outside the home as much as inside. Some people use them for grocery bags, lunch bags, weekend bags and more.

Writing Instruments

While pens are a very popular promotional item. If you look through anyone's pen collection you will see that many of them are customized with businesses logos. Choose a pen that writes well, and will showcase your business logo in the best way possible.

Desk Accessories

By providing desk accessories, you are increasing your chance of a person's co-workers seeing your brand the same as them. You can customize paperclip dispensers, post-it notes, tape dispensers, or even stress balls.


Travel mugs, water bottles, and tumblers are all powerful ways to promote your business. They will sit on desks, ride in cars, and make an appearance at many events - meaning that this can promote your logo in many different areas.


While people like to have many different writing instruments, they also like to have something they can scribble down notes on. From customized post-it notes, notepads, and notebooks, your customers will appreciate having something to write on and leave notes with, and you'll appreciate having your logo appear in all of those places!


Magnets are a standard product for marketing at the Lake of the Ozarks, but they can be extremely impressive. Refrigerators around the country can be spattered with any number of magnets from businesses that they use. Those magnets are seen several times daily, and they can be a great way to keep your name and business in front of your customers, especially when they need to call you.

Sporting Goods

The ideas are limitless when you want to provide sporting goods to your customers. Think of golf balls, tees, foam balls, stadium cushions, blankets, and frisbees. These are all popular items and will be used over and over again.

Automotive and Tool Accessories

Ice scrapers are an effective way to promote your business when it's cold outside. You can also provide auto safety kits, flashlights or toolkits. These items are not only practical but are a great way to keep your logo in front of your customers.

Promotional Apparel

Apparel is a great way to promote your business, whether you choose hats, shirts, or more. Lake Printing can help provide customized apparel at the Lake of the Ozarks, and we'd love to show you how it can help.

Promoting your Business with Lake Printing

From small promotional items to large, we can help you choose the right item for your company. Promotional products are a great way to not only get your logo in front of your customers but keep it there for days to come. Give us a call today at 573-346-0600 to talk with an experienced representative who can assist you in choosing the promotional product that will make your company stand out!

You Can Trust Lake Printing for Your Large & Small Print Needs

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