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Showcase Your Fundraiser Through Print Materials

Promote your cause using time-tested print materials. In a world that is bombarded with digital promotions and online marketing, direct mail still brings in 78% of donations for non-profits. While the majority of the population will use social media and website to learn about a cause and gain information, direct mail and print materials can reinforce that you are a legitimate cause with a purpose to help others. Here are a few ways Lake Printing can help you use a variety of print materials for a fundraiser . Promotional Products The value of a promotional product can often be immeasurable, but there are some statistics that prove their value. After receiving a promotional product, 85% of consumers will do business with the advertiser. At Lake Printing, we have many promotional products that you can use to promote your business, event or cause, and help to keep it top of mind. Our products have a varying range of prices, so we can assist you in finding something that will fit the

5 Ways to Create Eye-Catching Packaging

We can help you create a packaging for your product that helps it to fly off the shelves! While they may say "don't judge a book by its cover," your product will be judged by its packaging.  It's time to get your pulse on the trending designs and design a packaging that will catch your customers attention, and leave them intrigued enough to buy it. In fact, according to Business Insider, the first impression generally takes about 7 seconds, and judgements are made based on the quick information they gathered Here are a few things to keep in mind as you are thinking about your packaging, and learning how to brand your company and products. Keep It Simple The packaging of your product has a very distinct purpose, and you want to operate within that. You want the packaging to be eye-catching, easily transportable, include warnings, as well as preserve and protect your product. Custom packaging can be a great investment, and extremely valuable, helping you to make t

Promote Your Company Through Mailings

Direct mailing can be a powerful tool for improving your bottom line. You can create an ad or print material that is geared specifically for your customer, giving them something they want and a reason to buy from you. In some cases, you can remind your customers of a reason that they wanted to come visit you, and even give them the incentive to do so. While many may think that the old-fashioned mailings are out of date, here are a few ways they can still benefit your business. Highly Targeted When you send a mailing out, you aren't just sending them out to anyone and everyone. These mailings are highly targeted to reach the customers who need them. Whether you're appealing to long-time customers or new prospects, you can send a coupon or special announcement to your customers through print materials. Show your customers you care about them, by giving them the info that they want to see. Mail Is Tangible While internet marketing and email blasts can be effective forms o

Showcase Your Company with the Most Popular Promotional Products

Catch the attention of your current or potential customers through customized promotional products. Several studies from marketers have shown that over 60% of people could recall the brand on a promotional product they received in the last 12 months. This shows that you can increase your brand recognition significantly by providing a product that your customers will use. Check out these ten compelling products to consider in your next marketing campaign. Computer/Electronic Accessories Customized flash drives are one of the most popular and most liked promotional items you can distribute to your customers. They can display your logo visibly while being useful, and your customer may carry it around with them daily. You can also offer mousepads, cell phone holders, phone chargers and more. Bags Drawstring backpacks and tote bags are all wonderful examples of bags that your customers can use. They are a useful item, and may also be used outside the home as much as inside. Some pe