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Rely on Wallcoverings to Send a Powerful Message!

From hotels and convention centers to retail stores and office spaces, the new next level decor piece that's making a huge statement is  digital wallcoverings ! Wallcoverings can create an experience and evoke emotional response that can turn any setting into a visual stunner. For this reason alone, digital wallcoverings are becoming a  powerful marketing tool for commercial design . Perfect for Personalization Digital printing technologies  take wallcoverings to the next level by providing multitudes of opportunities for personalization. Custom designs can be created from scratch by our in-house designers working in collaboration with you to meet your specific needs and desires. From Focal Point to Mood Setting While wallcoverings continue to expand their use within the hospitality industry, the design opportunities are such that they truly can be used in any industry. Retail stores and corporations are embracing the brand capabilities of digital wallcoverings, communicat

Boost Your Mail Marketing Game with Variable Data Printing!

Imagine receiving a postcard in the mail from a corporation - but it's customized directly for you. With variable data printing, elements such as text, graphics and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next, without stopping or slowing down the printing process. This allows you to pinpoint your marketing directly to an individual customer and not just to your customers as a whole. Lake Printing can help you create a personalized print piece for every customer by working with our sister company, Lake Variable Solutions . They specialize in variable data printing , which fosters brand loyalty and personal relationships with your customers. Lake Variable Solutions has experienced excellent results in working with casinos to achieve a custom print product based on each individual client. Here are a few ways this print technique can help your business! We Deliver... Your Message Defining your message and creating a cohesive campaign around it can be a major und

Stand Out at Your Next Tradeshow Event!

Have you ever walked into a trade show and been overwhelmed by the bold displays from your competitors? Whether you need to enhance your display with updated materials or do a complete overhaul with all new promotional products and print pieces, Lake Printing is your one-stop-shop. We can help you create a booth that is eye-catching and will help attract more customers. Check out a few items that you'll want to have on hand for a successful trade show. Customized Name Badges A name tag or badge is the one of the most important items you can wear when you are at a trade show. Whether you're attending or setting up a booth, you want people to know who you are, and who you represent. We have several different options for name tags, but our personal favorite is a Digitally Printed Name Badge. Our full color digitally printed name badge comes on white, brushed silver, or brushed gold. They come in many different sizes, with custom size options available. You can also choose

Benefits of Wall Covering Marketing

For any business owner, your goal for growth should include building your brand and making a lasting impression that people will remember. Not only should you have this focus while creating your marketing material, but also when planning your business space. Custom wallpaper & mural printing provides a host of marketing opportunities that allows you to enhance your company office, building exterior or public space. Custom wallpaper is a lightweight, durable material which has a variety of uses, from commercial to residential installations. If you are looking for branded wall graphics or a custom wall mural, we can help! Take a look at just a few of the great reasons you should consider wall coverings for your business: Reinforces Your Brand Who says you have to stick to the standard marketing material when it comes to advertising your brand? Many businesses forget to use every square foot possible to create a lasting brand impression. You've literally got walls of space

Beef Up Your Marketing Campaign with these Clever Ideas

Whether you're starting a new business or have been in business for awhile, one thing remains true. Having an active marketing campaign is key to running and growing a successful business. The only way you can grow your company is by expanding your clientele and getting your name out there for people to know and trust. In today's marketing world, many folks will say that online marketing is the new way of advertising, but we know that print marketing is still highly sought out and still has a HUGE impact in the advertising world. Lake Printing has some print-worthy ideas to beef up your print marketing campaign and bring in those customers! Attractive Banners  New to the area? Perhaps you're just starting your new business and could use a boost in your marketing strategy. Visual print advertising is the best way to attract attention and draw in potential customers. We can create a capturing banner for your business to beef up your marketing campaign and help attract