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Grab Your Customer's Attention With BOLD Signage

Vinyl banners can be one of the most popular, versatile and cost effective ways to market your business. Lake Printing can create a banner that will grab the attention of your customers while being ideal for indoor and outdoor use. When you need eye-catching vinyl banners at the Lake of the Ozarks there are a few details you'll need to know to make your selection even better. Selecting a Banner Size There are many different sizes available when you purchase your banner, in fact, we can often work with you on specific requests. Here are a few of the most popular sizes: 2x4 - This size is ideal for indoor use, or in places where your customers don't need to see the information at a long distance. You could use it to promote a sale, or new product in your store, or hang it in your window for the window shoppers. 3x6 - This mid-size banner can be used indoor and outdoor. It is large enough to get your message across while hanging outside, yet not too big to be used

5 Reasons You NEED A Professional Graphic Designer

Marketing is about grabbing your customer’s attention in a way that your competitors aren't. By using bright photos and enticing graphics, you can educate your customers in your brand, product or services. It may seem cheaper to open publisher, grab a few pieces of clipart and drop some text on your flyer, but in the long run, it will take you more time than you realize - you could be missing out on potential clients! Here are 5 reasons why you should use a professional graphic designer: It Can Save Time You are a busy individual, and running a company takes energy and time. Why not hire a professional who knows exactly what can make your print media stand out? Professional graphic designers have spent hundreds of hours learning specialized graphic design software programs. These programs are in-depth and have a steep learning curve, and are expensive to purchase. In addition to having the right graphic design software, our graphic design team has many years of trai

GREEN Printing: Saving the Earth One Paper at a Time

The average office worker uses 1.5 lbs. of paper per day, which could equal 360 lbs. per year. If you multiply that by the amount of people in your office, you'll see why green printing is so important. The use of paper isn't the problem, but it's how we create and print on the paper that makes the difference. Lake Printing 's mission is to be a premier FSC/SFI certified graphics, print, and promotional products provider in the markets we serve. There are many ways we can help you create print products that are beautiful while protecting the environment. We strive to work with companies that harvest trees in an environmentally conscience way and our printing processes also help our planet. Our Green Certifications FSC Certification The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent, non-profit organization. Its mission is to promote responsible management of the world's forests. FSC has developed strict standards for responsible forest managem

Make Your Project GREAT With the Right Paper!

Choosing the right paper for your project can be overwhelming since there are thousands of different varieties available. Lake Printing can help! Some have different weights, while others have varied textures and glosses. Lake Printing  can help you decide on the varieties of paper to make your project stand out. Here are some ideas to help you pair the right paper with your project. The Difference Between Coated and Uncoated Paper Coated Paper - Coated paper has a surface sealant that restricts ink from absorbing into the surface of the paper. The sealant allows for a crisper image on your print projects and it ideal with photos, gradients and fine detailed images. Sheen options (look and feel of the paper) typically fall under the categories of gloss, matte, dull and satin. Uncoated Paper - If you use uncoated paper the ink dries by absorbing into the paper. There are many different paper types that are uncoated, and they are typically available in a variety of surfaces,