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Trade Shows, Expos, Boat Shows, & Events: Are You Ready to Market Your Business

The new year will give your company several opportunities to market your business and build brand exposure.  Just showing up and setting up a booth isn't enough these days to make your business memorable.  Your team will need to put a lot of thought and effort in marketing to make your business stand out from the rest.  Lake Printing, the best commercial printer has a few ideas of events that you can attend to ensure your business rises above the competition. 

Boat Shows
Boaters will be feeling cabin fever and come out in full force after the holidays to gear up for the 2020 boating season. Boat and dock dealers, marinas, boating accessory business, and any other businesses in the marine industry will have some upcoming opportunities to shine in the spotlight and draw in some new business! Show off the latest 2020 cruisers, runabouts, performance boats, tritoons, ski boats, personal watercraft, docks, lifts, and all boating accessories at the boat shows and get noticed with eye cat…

Start 2020 with Customized Apparel that will Promote Your Company

At a business, your staff members should be your biggest promoters. It only makes sense that every company would provide its staff with custom apparel that would advertise for your company as well.  Not only does custom apparel promote your company it gives the public the perception that you a professional team. At Lake Printing, we can take care of printing all your marketing materials, including business cards and flyers, we take your business as serious as you do and would love to be a part of your success. Here are a few items that you can provide for your employees and clients to help them advertise for you.

Shirts Shirts are a great item to customize with your logo to make a professional statement. While attending a trade show, a networking social, or an event your team will stand out. Each person at the trade show, social, or event will know what company they work for immediately. Employees will also wear those shirts with pride and that shows they love their job. Whether your…

Graphic Artists - Should you hire a professional?

In today's visual society, you want to speak the language people are using in your marketing. Part of that is through appealing graphics. Graphic design is a part of everyday life. From the television shows, you watch to the print pieces you used to market your company. Whether you have a piece that has already been designed and printed, or you're still in the beginning stages of the process, here are a few things you should know to give you a good impression of why graphic design is so important.

Why Do I Need a Professional Graphic Designer?Have you ever gone somewhere with a table of business cards looking for a specific service? Which ones do you choose? We would wager that you grab the ones that catch your eye. Which ones do you visit the website of? Most likely the ones that have a professional feel, with enough information to show you what they do. This is why graphic design is so important. You probably wouldn't pick up a business card that was printed on printer p…

Tips to Expedite Your Printing Projects

It's the holidays and everyone is busy busy!  If you are having a big sale or preparing for the new year and your team is in a time crunch to get everything ready, these few tips will help you get your printing projects completed a little quicker which will remove some of that anxiety.

1. Communicate Early with Your Printer
The earlier you're able to communicate your print design needs and deadlines, the easier it will be for the print company to complete the job. A heads up does wonders when it comes to saving time and working efficiently. Get your printer’s input as soon as you can. Find out what might speed up your job and improve delivery time. Get a working schedule, share it with key colleagues, stick to it, and always keep your printer in the loop.

2. Proof Carefully Before Sending to be Printed
This is essential for saving time. Proof every job carefully before you send a file to your printer. In fact, do it multiple times and put a second or third set of eyes on the desig…

Marketing Ideas During the Holidays

The holiday season is a great time to add sales to your bottom line before the end of the year. Whether you own a retail store or provide a service we have a few ideas to help increase your sales. Through skilled teamwork and integrity, our staff at Lake Printing will produce the best product for your company to stand out from your competitors. In this week’s blog, we will provide a few ideas to help increase your bottom line before 2020.

Promotional Products

If you are a service provider who would like to give your customers something special during the holidays with your brand on it, consider a promotional product that customers will display or use in their everyday life. Lake Printing offers a plethora of products to help market your business or organization. From ink pens, cups and wine bottle openers to golf balls, key chains, and outdoor chairs – we can help you promote! Browse our promotional items on our website with over 100,000 options to view and/or call 573-346-0600 t…

Professional Holiday Cards Can Mean More Than You Think

Do you send holiday cards to your customers, vendors, and employees? If not, this marketing tool can help you stay top of mind with your clientele and those you work with daily. Not only does it show them you are thinking of them, but it also helps positively brand your company. In this week’s blog, we will focus on reasons to send out professionally printed holiday cards.

Consider your Brand when Designing a Holiday Card
While designer your card, think outside the box. Most companies will send a card that has a generic signature. Think about leaving a space where your management team can handwrite their signatures and even a note. The note can say the same thing on each card but you will be surprised how many people will notice and appreciate a handwritten signature over a printed one.

Consider branding with a card with your logo, actually, think about how you can do this instead of just putting your logo at the bottom of a Christmas scene. What do you sell that can be a great Chri…

3 Benefits of Wide Format Printing

Your office printer suffices for a number of every day small printing jobs that require little in the way of quality, size options, and durability. But there are instances when businesses require printing larger-than-legal documents or graphics, such as rolling out a new marketing campaign. There may also be times when your office printer’s limited features prevent you from achieving the desired output quality on a bigger medium or handling a large quantity of prints in a short period of time. A wide format printer is the solution to these dilemmas. Check out 3 benefits of wide-format printing!

1. Capacity to Print Large-Width Media
Wide-format printers can handle and yield print media much greater than the standard print job. The designs are often printed on large rolls rather than on separate sheets such as those used by home or even office-grade printers. Because of their capacity to produce refined and big prints, large format copiers are highly efficient in printing marketing sign…

Customer Reviews that Make Us Stand Out

The printing hub of the Midwest loves to hear from our customers. We create customer satisfaction through skilled teamwork, integrity, and technology. We listen to our customers so we can create a project that works best for their company. In this week’s blog, we will highlight customer reviews that make us stand out in the printing world.

“Friendly staff and awesome printing services! Always super fast!” Nathan Booth
“I just wanted to say how much I love and appreciate giving this company my business! They have been SO good to have things printed for me, (in some cases less than 24 hours!!) with no additional charges or complaints! Everything I've had them do they've done it perfectly and have given me the best customer service I could ask for! I will continue to make the extra drive to Osage Beach to get everything I need to be printed from them! I so appreciate them and all they've done for me the last several years! If you need any wedding programs printed, baby …

Lake Printing: From 1949 to 2019

Lake Printing Company is celebrating 70 years in business this year. The printing business has definitely changed over the 70 years that we have been in business. The secret to our success is growing and expanding with the times but continue practicing our core values. As the printing hub of the Midwest, serving clients nationwide, we are blessed to have such a great client base that has allowed us to remain in business for 70 years.

Lake Printing began in 1949 as a small letterpress shop in a basement that was in Lake of the Ozarks, MO. In 1989 we were able to purchase additional equipment including a multi-color press and added a finishing department. With the expansion, it was time for us to move into a larger facility. In 1990 we moved into our present location which is a 30,000 square foot facility on a 40-acre tract in Osage Beach, MO.

Moving to 2019, our services have expanded tremendously. We boast top of the lines presses that will handle projects of all sizes including wide…

3 Tips to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

The goals of a trade show are to speak to as many people as possible, create leads, and sell as many of your products as you can.  In some industries the leads that are gathered at a trade show keep them busy throughout the year.  In this week’s blog, we will give you tips to make your booth stand out from the competition. 

Plan your Display
The trick to trade shows is to work on planning how your booth will look before the show.  It’s hard to put a great booth that will attract customers in the couple of hours you are given to set up your booth.  Whether you are going to have a display or just a backdrop you will want to make sure it looks professional.  Print companies can help you with this process.  If you let them know what you are looking for, they can print a display professionally that will appeal to the trade show audience.   If you only want a backdrop, decide how you would like to attach the backdrop, have it printed, and make sure the size will fit how you would like in y…