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Why Hire A Graphic Designer?

With so many things going on in your business, many business owners try to cut costs as much as possible. Many businesses may think that creative services are a low priority on the list, but skimping on branding can actually cost more in the long run. Developing a brand identity that will represent what your business stands for can be very powerful. Creating a consistent visual identity will help elevate your brand and allow you to speak to potential customers through visual mediums. Whether you have already incorporated graphic design into your marketing or you are looking to add this element into your mix, Lake Printing is here to share a few tips on why you should hire a professional graphic designer. Boosting Your Business Professionalism Creating a professional image is a key reason to hire a graphic designer. Designers speak the language of color and imagery, so this can go a long way when it comes to drawing attention from potential customers. Presenting your business in an a

Get Promotional Products for Football Season!

Football season is just around the corner, and there are over one million athletes who play on high school football teams and bring many supporters, including family and friends to their games. Aside from high school team supporters, there are also millions of Americans watching NFL football and college football, whether it is attending the game or watching on TV. That is a LOT of people who not only support football, but will also be buying gear, wearing colors, and bringing promotional products to those games in the forms of seat cushions, tote bags, and even bottle openers. With the NFL regular season beginning on September 9th, it is time to start appealing to customers who appreciate these products. Lake Printing is here this week to share some of our favorite promotional products that will not only support football, but can also feature your logo and advertise for you locally, statewide, and even nationwide. Football Promotional Products Inflatable Football Score a touchdown wi

Branded Products For Your Restaurant

Marketing has never been more import than it is now. Restaurants around the country are having to find a new normal in their business practices, but they are also finding that they need to really amp up their marketing game amongst their customers. Here at Lake Printing , we specialize in all things print marketing - from brochures and pamphlets to menus and customized apparel. If you are finding that you need a fresh look to go with your new normal, here are a few things we would recommend for your food industry! Branded Promotional Items for the Food Industry We have so many different items that you can brand and use for your restaurant that will showcase what you are truly about. From bottle openers to free gifts, and even to-go boxes - we've got it all! Bottle Openers Aluminum Bottle Opener Key Tag Griffith 3-in-1 Metal Straw, Cutlery Set & Bottle Opener Coasters Origin'L Fabric®3.6"Round x1/16" Antimicrobial Coaster 4" x 4" - Heavy Duty Premiu

5 Finishing Options for your Business Card

Business cards are an important part of a business’s marketing strategy. Everyone has business cards, but not everyone has a business card that will capture attention and keep their business top of mind. When a business card is designed, the color scheme and the paper chosen can speak volumes about your brand. Here at Lake Printing , we make it a priority to help you create a classy and professional piece to represent your business. By venturing away from the comfort of a standard template business card and getting creative with finishing print options, you will give a different look and an extra edge to your business cards that will set you apart from everyone else. Why Does Texture Matter? Often before someone looks at your business card, they will feel it. When your card feels nice in the hand, it can catch attention and appeal to many different senses. It can be easy to overlook the texture and jump straight to the design but take a few moments while planning out your cards to rea