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Wide Format Printing: 3 Features Your Office Printer Can't Replicate!

You use your office printer for a number of things every single day, and it works for your daily minor printing needs. But there are instances when businesses require printing larger-than-legal documents or graphics, such as rolling out a new marketing campaign. There may also be times when your office printer’s limited features prevent you from achieving a desired output quality on a bigger medium. A wide format printer is the solution to this dilemma. Check out 3 features only a wide format printer can provide that your run-of-the-mill office printer can't! 1. Capacity to Print Large-Width Media Wide format printers can handle and yield print media much greater than the standard print job. The designs are often printed on large rolls rather than on separate sheets such as those used by home or even office grade printers. Because of their capacity to produce refined and big prints, large format copiers are highly efficient in printing marketing signage, banners, and more! A

Make a Floor-to-Ceiling Statement with Digital Wallcoverings!

From hotels and convention centers to retail stores and office spaces, the new next level decor piece that's making a huge statement is digital wallcoverings ! Wallcoverings can create an experience and evoke emotional response that can turn any setting into a visual stunner. For this reason alone, digital wallcoverings are becoming a powerful marketing tool for commercial design . Perfect for Personalization Digital printing technologies take wallcoverings to the next level by providing multitudes of opportunities for personalization. Custom designs can be created from scratch by our in-house designers working in collaboration with you to meet your specific needs and desires. From Focal Point to Mood Setting While wallcoverings continue to expand their use within the hospitality industry, the design opportunities are such that they truly can be used in any industry. Retail stores and corporations are embracing the brand capabilities of digital wallcoverings, communicatin

2018 Upcoming Events to Market Your Business At

No matter what business you're in, getting out in the community and getting your brand noticed is worth making the time for and spending some marketing money on. There are many opportunities that are coming up in 2018 that offer you a chance to get some product exposure and build brand recognition. But just showing up to represent your business isn't enough these days. You're going to need to put some real effort into this marketing opportunity if you want to stand above your competitors. Lake Printing, the  best commercial printing company at the Lake of the Ozarks , offers some upcoming events to consider planning for: Business Expos Registering for a vendor booth at a business expo is a great way to get your business out there and seen! These shows feature a wide range of products and services including consumer goods, health and wellness, building contractors and suppliers, plumbing and electrical supplies; home improvement and remodeling, and much more. Be a part

Create a Powerful Infographic with these Simple Tips

Studies have shown that 90 percent of the information that we remember is based on visual impact. In other words, we remember things more easily when we see a good visual representation verses reading about it. One great way to share information about your business , product or service is to showcase your intended message in an easy to read infographic. An infographic collects data, organizes it, and turns this information into an easy to understand visual. But how do you put all of this important information into something that will actually prove to be a useful tool and provide results? We've got some tips on what you can do to create a powerful infographic . Have an Audience in Mind Before Beginning While you want to reach as many people as possible with your marketing, you also want to have a clear focus and direction. If you try to structure your design with everyone in mind, chances are it's going to become very convoluted and not reach anyone in particular. This wi

10 Valuable Lessons to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Print marketing is a valuable way to advertise your business. Whether you're marketing with banners, business cards, promotional products, or catalogs - we can help. Of course, it's important to remember that there are good ways to market and other unproductive ways. Here are 10 lessons we've learned about marketing in our 68 years of experience. 1. Choose Quality Your customers and clients may not know everything about your business, but they DO know when you're skimping on the quality of your marketing. Choosing quality paper, products, and materials is a must. 2. Create an Emotional Connection It's common knowledge that people buy for emotional reasons, so make your marketing emotional. Whether you include pets and kids on your promotional items, influence emotions with colors, or use highly effective text, you can create an emotional connection with your materials. 3. Measure Your Marketing Find ways to measure your marketing. If you aren't meas