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5 Things a Client Should Discuss with a Graphic Designer

You are planning to showcase a new product or service that your company is offering? The first thing you will want to do is have a strategy meeting with your marketing and sales team.  Planning the marketing strategy will help convey your vision to the graphic artist that will be working on the project.  After the strategy for the launch has been planned, schedule a meeting with the graphic designer who will be working on your project.  What to have prepared for the meeting with a graphic designer:      An overview of your company       Details about the product or service that you are launching       Target Audience for the new product or service.       Creative Design Ideas       Goals for the Project Overview of the Company The designer will rely on you as a resource for your company.  Tell the designer all the ins and outs of your company.  Good things to start with is how did the company get started, the mission statement, and what makes your

5 Unique Ideas to Draw in New Clients

With the advancement in technology, companies have a great opportunity to expand their services to include the needs of a brand-new clientele. By offering a unique lineup of products and services while maintaining a great relationship with current clients, businesses can continue to flourish in the new era of technology. This week we will give you 5 ideas to bring new clients to your business. Networking Your business should join a local networking organization. Most organizations have weekly meetings that you can network with other local businesses who may need your print services now or in the future. You also create opportunities to discuss any new products that your company is offering.  These organizations also have great referral programs, by attending these meetings other members will be able to speak about your company to friends, family, and business contacts that may be interested in products or services. Social Media Marketing Social Media is now one of the mos

3 BIG Ways to Get Noticed with Your Marketing Material

As a business owner, you understand the importance of marketing your services and products to draw in more customers. You've probably implemented a number of marketing strategies to aid in your goal for growth and success. But are you using marketing tools that might be getting overlooked? This week, we've got 3 BIG ways to get noticed that is bound to grab attention! Check them out. Wall Coverings While you probably have all kinds of signage and marketing scattered throughout your place of business, there's nothing quite as attention grabbing as utilizing every inch of space you can. We mean floor to ceiling marketing - digital wall coverings! Imagine the immediate attention a full floor to ceiling message will get from every customer that walks through your doors? It's hardly dismissible and demands their attention! Outdoor Banners Banners are nowadays one of the easiest and most effective methods to send the message across especially about a new product, bu

5 Smart Tips for 'Back to School' Marketing

'Back to School' is almost here, and what a great time for retail marketers to strike up some buzz and pack their stores?! But are you missing the mark on your marketing campaign? While you may be a pro at maintaining your customer retention, you may be missing the opportunity for new customers. 'Back to School' time offers a whole new audience that you may be missing out on. Check out our 5 smart tips to make sure your 'Back to School' marketing campaign is a smash! 1. Remember Who Your Audience Is This is kind of a 'duh', but we know that oftentimes it's easy to get sucked into the thought of the 'everyone is our customer' mentality. While that may be true, this is 'Back to School' time. It's your one chance to really hone in on a very specific targeted market and draw in that audience while you can. Focus on how to capture the attention of the kids, how you can provide savings and value to the parents and educators, and

Promote Your Business Outside of the Office

One common mistake businesses make when trying to build their clientele is waiting for prospective clients to seek them out and visit their office.  If someone is in need of your services, they may do some research to seek you out, but what about those potential clients that aren't actively seeking your services?  You are left with the possibility of missing out on a lot of future business if you are just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring or waiting on that client to walk through your door.  This week, Lake Printing has some great ways for you to put your print marketing campaign to work and interact with prospective clients outside of the office! Participate in Local Sporting Events Summertime brings along many opportunities for community involvement in children's sporting events.  Whether you sponsor a specific team, show up to the games to show your support, or donate to cover funding costs for the venue, one thing remains the same - you're out in the