5 Unique Ideas to Draw in New Clients

With the advancement in technology, companies have a great opportunity to expand their services to include the needs of a brand-new clientele. By offering a unique lineup of products and services while maintaining a great relationship with current clients, businesses can continue to flourish in the new era of technology. This week we will give you 5 ideas to bring new clients to your business.

Your business should join a local networking organization. Most organizations have weekly meetings that you can network with other local businesses who may need your print services now or in the future. You also create opportunities to discuss any new products that your company is offering.  These organizations also have great referral programs, by attending these meetings other members will be able to speak about your company to friends, family, and business contacts that may be interested in products or services.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media is now one of the most powerful tools to stay top of mind with clientele. With all the advancements in technology if your company does not participate in social media, you are missing many opportunities to gain new business. With the ability to target market to specific locations and audiences for a small monthly budget you can expand your reach beyond local customers. Your company can showcase any new products on many social media platforms. Make sure the photos that you share are quality photos that show your product in the best light possible.

Offer New Products
Research new products! Attend conferences and trade shows with the newest products on the market.   Strategize with your team, talk about products and services that you could improve or add to the lineup. Focus on products that will make you stand out from your competition. Talk to your current customers to see what new products have caught their eye that could help grow their business as well. After you have decided on new products to add, immediately begin to market and create a buzz in the community.  

Sponsor Events
Sponsoring local events will allow you to brand your business. Having your logo promoted at events can help keep you in front of the competition. Most events will allow you to set up a booth or table to showcase products and service that you offer. Events will bring potential clients to you make sure you capture any leads at these events. A great lead generator is giving away a product that people will love. When guests sign up for the giveaway you will have their information to market to in the future.  

Maintain Customer Satisfaction
This must be one of the most important tips we have to offer. Even with all the changes in business practice, you must maintain your customer satisfaction. Your customers are your lifeline. Most customers are loyal to those who are loyal to them. Always listen to their needs and try to be as helpful as possible. Excellent customer service will always be key in your continued success as a business owner.

At Lake Printing we believe in customer service, community, and expanding our services to accommodate the needs of our current and future clients. With the addition of our new HP Latex R Printer Series, we can do a full range of printing services. Contact the best print company at the Lake of the Ozarks today to discuss the new products and services that we now offer, 573-346-0600 or www.lakeprinting.com.

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