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IMPRESS with Your Marketing Material!

Part of making a great impression with your print projects is knowing what print solutions to use to make it stand out. The best thing that you can do to really boost the visual effect of your print is have it coated. Lake Printing offers two great print coating options for you to choose from when designing your marketing material at the Lake of the Ozarks . While both are environmentally friendly, and will make your product look sleek and stunning, there are some important differences to be aware of. Take a look at the two coating options Lake Printing offers to see which would best work for your printing project: UV Coating or Aqueous Coating - Which Is Best For Your Print Project? What is UV Coating? UV (ultra violet) coating is a very shiny, glossy liquid coating that is used to cover print market products such as business cards, postcards, and catalogs to give it a rich, glossy, and dramatic look. UV coating is accomplished by applying the liquid coating to paper and

Benefits of Branding Your Business Apparel

Regardless of the business industry you're in, one marketing strategy that works for every business is custom branded apparel. Not only does it create a professional appearance for your business, but it helps to promote company pride, credibility and trust, and brand recognition. Branded apparel is generally a low-cost way to boost your businesses image and recall rate. This week, Lake Printing shares with you some of the benefits of branding business apparel at the Lake of the Ozarks to help improve marketing. Establish Company Pride One great advantage of custom branded apparel is the effect it will have on your employee's attitude and work ethic. It helps create a sense of pride and community within your organization, which in turn helps promote employee interaction and collaboration. Wearing custom apparel with your business logo is a great way to create company unity and enhance the professional appearance during any special events that your business participates

4 Tips to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

There's no denying the importance of business cards. Every business needs them, and if you don't have them you should get them. The problem with business cards though is that they are often easily forgotten or looked over. Don't let your business cards get passed by any longer. Lake Printing has some clever and exciting ways to make your business cards stand out above the rest! Don't Skimp on the Paper While it may be cheaper for you to go with a less quality paper product for your business cards, you're taking away from the overall quality of the impression your card makes for you. Studies have shown that a sturdier thicker stock paper leaves a better impression and improves your business branding efforts. The texture of the card can make an impressionable difference as well. Consider a business card with rounded corners or include raised text or impressions to give it a different feel than the typical matte surface so many others use. Personalize the Car

4 Print-Worthy Ways to Promote Your Business

Whether you're starting a new business or have been in business for awhile, one thing remains true. Having an active marketing campaign is key to running and growing a successful business. The only way you can grow your company is by expanding your clientele and getting your name out there for people to know and trust. In today's marketing world, many folks will say that online marketing is the new way of advertising, but we know that print marketing is still highly sought out and still has a HUGE impact in the advertising world. Lake Printing has 4 print-worthy ideas to beef up your marketing at the Lake of the Ozarks and bring in those customers! Business and Savings Cards The quickest and easiest way to promote yourself and your business is by handing out business cards to everyone you meet. If your business cards are bland and boring, it'll likely make its way to the nearest trash can. Avoid people tossing out your card by letting us help you create a business c