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Part of making a great impression with your print projects is knowing what print solutions to use to make it stand out. The best thing that you can do to really boost the visual effect of your print is have it coated. Lake Printing offers two great print coating options for you to choose from when designing your marketing material at the Lake of the Ozarks. While both are environmentally friendly, and will make your product look sleek and stunning, there are some important differences to be aware of. Take a look at the two coating options Lake Printing offers to see which would best work for your printing project:

UV Coating or Aqueous Coating - Which Is Best For Your Print Project?

What is UV Coating?
UV (ultra violet) coating is a very shiny, glossy liquid coating that is used to cover print market products such as business cards, postcards, and catalogs to give it a rich, glossy, and dramatic look. UV coating is accomplished by applying the liquid coating to paper and then letting it cure under a UV light to harden it.

What are the Benefits of UV Coating?
UV coating makes your print product look sleek and stunning, especial on image-rich projects. It makes details pop and stand out. UV coating doesn't smudge as easily and is more resistant to chemicals and abrasion. Since UV drying is so quick and efficient, the turnaround time for producing and shipping and delivery UV coated prints is reduced considerably. This means you can get your product quickly. AND UV coating is environmentally friendly!

When is UV Coating NOT a Good Option?
While UV coating works great on most print projects, there are some things that it's better not to use UV coating for. If you're using metallic inks or foil stamping on your print, we would recommend choosing aqueous coating, as it will seal the ink from air and prevent tarnishing. For text weight paper under 100#, UV coating is not recommended. Anything that needs to be written on is best coated with a water-based coating such as an aqueous coating. The UV coating will be too slick and resistant for writing on.

What is Aqueous Coating?
This is a water-based coating that is applied by using a rubber blanket inline on a special dedicated press unit. Aqueous coating is the most commonly used coating for projects and it provides good protection from fingerprints and other blemishes. Because the aqueous coating is water-based and typically applied over the entire sheet it is best to use at least an 80# text weight or heavier paper to prevent the paper from curling, distorting, or wrinkling.

What are the Benefits of Aqueous Coating?
Because aqueous coating is water-based, it is typically more environmentally friendly than other coating options. Aqueous coating provides a high gloss or matte surface that deters against dirt and blemishes, is scuff resistant, and improves durability to the product. It looks great on brochures, catalog covers, and presentation folders.

When is Aqueous Coating NOT a Good Option?
While aqueous coating does improve the apparent saturation of ink, it somewhat reduces the readability of text. Like a varnish, some aqueous coatings will soften and flatten images slightly. It is also recommended to use a text weight paper of 80# or heavier to avoid curling and distortion.

Now that you know what each coating is and the benefits of both, you can more easily make a wise decision on the coating of your print projects. Will you go with high quality sleek and shine, or will you go with still durable, yet more standard work-and-turn coating for your project? Whichever you choose, we know you'll love the finished product! If you're still uncertain of what is best for your print, Lake Printing is happy to help you make the best choice for your marketing material at the Lake of the Ozarks. Contact us today to get started on your print project!

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