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Top 3 Print Marketing Tools to Expand Your Business

In the past, we have discussed the many reasons why print marketing is still a valuable form of marketing for your Lake of the Ozarks business .  We have delved into different types of print marketing and what Lake Printing , your number one printing company at the Lake of the Ozarks , can do for you in terms of creating the perfect print marketing product .  We are going to go back to basics and discuss the top three print marketing tools that you should be using to expand your business and increase your customer reach.  Business Cards  Business cards are an excellent way to reach out to potential new clients.  They are easy to carry and can create a big impact within a small, tangible format.  When people can carry a reminder of your services around with them at all times (say, in their wallet), they are more likely to call your business in a time of need.  Having current clients recommend your services by handing out your business cards is another way to increase your visib

You’re Invited!

It’s starting to warm up at the Lake of the Ozarks, as spring and then summer will be here before you know it. This is the perfect time to think about all the warm-weather events that will be occurring in your schedule this upcoming year.  Let our Midwest printing company help you design stand-out invitations for all your events.   Spring and Summer Events Think about the spring and summer events you host each year.  It may not seem like a lot at first, but keep thinking. Do you often invite a crowd for an outdoor bar-b-que? Do you have children with spring and summer birthdays? Any important anniversary’s coming up that you wish to celebrate with friends and family? These can all add up, and so can the stress of making your own personalized invitations, without expert help.  Wouldn’t you rather be frosting cupcakes then spending days on your invitations? At Lake Printing , we can help you through all the stages of creating your own personalized, unique, invitations. Why Us

5 Reasons Business Cards are Still Important!

Business cards have been around since at least 17th century Europe. At that time, they were used to announced the arrival of well-known aristocratic people to their town or home. In 2019, we still use these small pieces of paper to announce who we are and what we do, and they are still just as important today as they were then. You business card may be the first impression that someone received of your company, and you want it to be a good one. At Lake Printing, we can help you achieve business card success through the design and style of your card. If you think that business cards are going out of style, think again. Here are five reasons they are just as important as ever. 1. They are An Effective Marketing Tool Internet marketing, direct mailing, and search engine optimization are all great ways to market your company. There is still something very effective in a person to person meeting sealed with a handshake and a business card exchange. The best thing about business ca

Why Flyers are Still Important as a Marketing Strategy

In the modern world of marketing, you may think that flyers are an outdated way to advertise your business.  While flyers cannot compete in terms of being your only form of marketing, using flyers in addition to other marketing strategies can be extremely beneficial. At Lake Printing, the printing hub of the Midwest , we are here to explain some of the potential benefits of using flyers as a marketing strategy for your business.  Cost Effective Flyers are relatively low-cost compared to other forms of advertisement and have an incredibly high return on investment.  Working with a local printing company can help you produce a high-quality and effective flyer for a low cost. High Impact Although flyers may not be as costly as other forms of marketing, they can still create quite an impact depending on what you are advertising.  Working with a printing company to design an eye-catching flyer for a special event, for example, would be one way to utilize a flyer for your business.