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Why You Should Order Your 2018 Promotional Calendars Now!

It can be very hard to get people's attention today. Companies are using a wide variety of platforms to capture attention, promote their brand, and increase sales. Some of the higher cost methods that companies are using include commercials, billboards, radio ads, and other print advertising. A lower cost way to attract attention for your company can be a promotional calendar. A 2018 promotional calendar can speak to your customers every day, reminding them why they love coming back to you. Now is the time to place your promotional calendar order for your business, and here are a few reasons you'll want to place your order now! Lake Printing provides a great option for your company's 2018 promotional calendar. Here are several great reasons why you should consider calling us for your calendar printing needs. Calendars Are Useful Calendars are still a useful way to keep track of your schedule, important dates, or even just the day of the week. In a digital age peop

Building an Effective Marketing Campaign

Coming up with a solid marketing campaign can be a lot of work. It takes time, creativity, and lots of effort. And if not handled or planned out properly, can become a huge waste of time and money. So to avoid a headache from a botched marketing campaign attempt, we're sharing with you some helpful tips for building an effective marketing campaign . Have a Clear Call to Action The call to action is a key ingredient to any effective marketing campaign. Conversions, revenue, business and profit — they all depend on your call to action. Not only does having a clear call to action draw new customers in, but it allows you to track the effectiveness of the campaign and justify the cost. Determine Who Your Target Audience Is Identifying a target market helps your company develop effective marketing communication strategies. Knowing who your target audience is allows you to craft messages that appeal specifically to them. So, rather than trying to put out a marketing campaign to r

Build Brand Loyalty with Variable Data Printing!

Lake Printing can help you create a personalized print marketing piece for every customer by working with our sister company, Lake Variable Solutions. They specialize in variable data printing, which fosters brand loyalty and personal relationships with your customers. Lake Variable Solutions has experienced excellent results in working with casinos to achieve a custom print product based on each individual client. Here are a few ways this print technique can help your business! What is Variable Data Printing Imagine receiving a postcard in the mail from a corporation - but it's customized directly for you. With variable data printing, elements such as text, graphics and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next, without stopping or slowing down the printing process. This allows you to pinpoint your marketing directly to an individual customer and not just to your customers as a whole. We Deliver... Your Message Defining your message and creating a cohes