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Never to Early to Think Holiday in Printing!

That Ugly Sweater Party contest is yours with a one of a kind branded ugly sweater from Lake Printing. With our knowledgeable and exceptionally skilled staff we have a product for everyone. To thank your clients for their business, increase brand awareness or be the talk of the town, Lake Printing is your go to resource for anything holiday. Here are just a few ideas to make your business stand out from your competitors. Holiday Cards In today’s world of email, social media and virtual the best way to show appreciation, gratitude or what someone means to your business is with a printed holiday card. This simple yet personal gesture ensures that your business is on your client’s mind during the holiday season. Holiday cards allow you to reconnect with clients you may have not seen in a while and reminding them you are still there to take care of their needs. Lake Printing can add your logo, company name and branding to the surface of these special cards. Printed holiday cards mean more

7 Tips For Proper Business Card Etiquette

"How do you hand a business card to another person?" That is a question often thought of when it comes to giving and receiving business cards because they are a staple of business success. You may be able to smooth talk your way through a crowd, give firm convincing handshakes and dress to the nines, but if you are unfamiliar with the etiquettes of giving and receiving business cards, you may be wasting your time and effort. To avoid losing potential leads and sales, your printing hub of the Midwest is here to offer 7 tips you can follow to ensure a productive exchange of business cards. 1. Never leave your home or office without your cards. Make sure you have plenty of them on hand. There is nothing more unprofessional or uncomfortable than someone asking for a business card that you cannot provide. 2. Know where your business cards are at all times. And be able to locate them quickly. If you have to search through every jacket and pants pocket or every nook and cranny o