7 Tips For Proper Business Card Etiquette

"How do you hand a business card to another person?" That is a question often thought of when it comes to giving and receiving business cards because they are a staple of business success. You may be able to smooth talk your way through a crowd, give firm convincing handshakes and dress to the nines, but if you are unfamiliar with the etiquettes of giving and receiving business cards, you may be wasting your time and effort. To avoid losing potential leads and sales, your printing hub of the Midwest is here to offer 7 tips you can follow to ensure a productive exchange of business cards.

1. Never leave your home or office without your cards.

Make sure you have plenty of them on hand. There is nothing more unprofessional or uncomfortable than someone asking for a business card that you cannot provide.

2. Know where your business cards are at all times.

And be able to locate them quickly. If you have to search through every jacket and pants pocket or every nook and cranny of a briefcase to find a business card, the you will lose credibility immediately.

3. Invest in a business card case.

This will keep your cards protected from wear and tear. Handing out a crumpled business card makes a poor first impression and can make it seem as though you are not organized.

4. Avoid appearing aggressive with business cards.

Wait until someone asks for your card. If that is not happening, then ask the other person for a card because reciprocity generally follows. Be sure to hand them out with discretion. Handing out stacks of your cards not only sends a message that your cards are not worth much, but can come across as desperate.

5. Give the card so it can be seen.

The person who is receiving it should be able read it without having to turn it around. Always make a comment about a card when you receive it. Note the logo, the business name or some other piece of information. This places value on the card. Hand your card to the reciprocant with your right hand. This can make a difference when doing business internationally.

6. Don’t write notes to yourself on someone else’s business card.

You may want a reminder as to why you requested someone's card, but do not jot down notes during the exchange unless they appear relevant. For example, if someone asks me to send information about a service or product, it makes perfect sense to write “Send email about services” on the back of that card. However, that would not be the time to write “good lead for...” on the card. Do that at a later time when you are out of sight.

7. Keep your business cards up to date.

When any of your contact information changes, you NEED to get new cards printed. It is substandard business etiquette to hand out cards on which you have crossed off an old phone number and written in the new one.

You will easily have a better experience in building relations with potential clients and getting return business when using these 7 tips for business card etiquette. For more great ideas on building your business marketing and branding, visit our website or contact Lake Printing today. We don't just create impressionable business cards, we create print marketing at Lake of the Ozarks for all of your business needs. From business cards to promotional products, we are the best print marketing company at Lake of the Ozarks and we want to help you succeed!

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