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Print Products Can IMPROVE Your Bottom Line

As a business owner, one of your goals for 2016 may be to grow your business. Gaining new clients who will be meaningful to your business, and finding ways to keep them coming back are two things to help with your goal. One way you can assist in your effort to gain new clients is by providing strategic print materials and promotional products about your business. You can keep them coming back by not only providing a great experience but by showing your appreciation for their business. Here are a few ways that print and promotional products can help improve your business. Create a Resource for Your Customer that Can Lead Them to Your Website Whether you create a custom brochure with important information about your business and what you offer your clients or a promotional product that they can use daily - these are two great ways to catch their eye. By including your website and possibly your social media info on all print and promotional products, you are directing your potential

Personalized Printing with Variable Data Marketing

Lake Printing can help you create a personalized print piece for every customer by working with our sister company, Lake Variable Solutions . They specialize in variable data printing , which fosters brand loyalty and personal relationships with your customers. Lake Variable Solutions has experienced excellent results in working with casinos to achieve a custom print product based on each individual client. Here are a few ways this print technique can help your business! What is Variable Data Printing Imagine receiving a postcard in the mail from a corporation - but it's customized directly for you. With variable data printing, elements such as text, graphics and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next, without stopping or slowing down the printing process. This allows you to pinpoint your marketing directly to an individual customer and not just to your customers as a whole. We Deliver... Your Message Defining your message and creating a cohesive

Ways to Make Your Next Trade Show a Spectacular Success

Have you ever walked into a trade show and been overwhelmed by the bold displays from your competitors? Whether you need to enhance your display with updated materials or do a complete overhaul with all new promotional products and print pieces, Lake Printing is your one-stop-shop. We can help you create a booth that is eye-catching and will help attract more customers. Check out a few items that you'll want to have on hand for a successful trade show. Customized  Name Badges A name tag or badge is the one of the most important items you can wear when you are at a trade show. Whether you're attending or setting up a booth, you want people to know who you are, and who you represent. We have several different options for name tags, but our personal favorite is a Digitally Printed Name Badge . Our full color digitally printed name badge comes on white, brushed silver, or brushed gold. They come in many different sizes, with custom size options available. You can also c

3 Ways to Use Die Cutting For Your Print Products

A unique way to make your print products stand out is to incorporate die cutting. By using die-cutting in your print project, you will find endless ideas and ways to be creative. From cut-outs on greeting cards to custom shaped business cards, there are many ways to use this technique in your Lake of the Ozarks print materials . While die-cutting may not be a well-known option, it's a wonderful way to bring your print product to the next level. What is Die-Cutting? Die-cutting is a process that is used in many different industries to cut a thin, flat material (in many cases, paper) into certain shapes using a steel cutting die. For greeting cards and other special designs, you can use it to punch out a decorative shape or pattern to include on a larger piece of paper. You can also cut a shape out of paper to be the main focus, like for custom shaped business cards. This process can be used for many different projects, paper types, shapes, and styles. Business Cards A