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3 Reasons to Brand your Business with Wall Graphics

When clients walk in your business what is their first impression? Do the exterior and interior reflect your company values and brand? A great way to give your clients a great first impression is wall graphics. Wall graphics can replace a new coat of paint or out of date wallpaper while branding your message. The best printing hub in the Midwest offers wall graphics with our HP Latex R Printer Series. We will give you 3 reasons wall graphics can strengthen your business brand. Create Customer Appeal Do you want your organization to stand out our look like all the other companies that have wallpaper and old stock photos on their walls?  Consider replacing paint and wallpaper with a wall covered in graphics.  Imagine walking into a lobby with a large wall graphic of a beautiful sunset overlooking a body of water or snowcapped mountains.  You create your own masterpiece with wall graphics.  Let your creativity soar!  While capturing your audience with beautiful scenery or int

LOMDA Fall Clearance In-Water Boat Show

LOMDA will host their September In-Water Boat Show this weekend at Captain Ron’s Waterfront Bar & Grill. Boat and PWC dealers will have their products on display for the final Lake of the Ozarks boat show in 2019. The forecast is leading us to believe we will be having summer this fall. With the temperature soaring in the 90’s this week it is sure to be a great boat show this weekend. Boat lovers will not complain as boating season will be extended with this weather. The Marine Dealers Association is made up of over 40 Lake of the Ozarks area marine dealers. They represent all the top lines of boats, marine accessories, docks, personal watercraft and everything else to promote fun on our waters.  During the September In-Water Boat Show, boat & PWC dealers, docks, and marine accessories will all be on display at the 34 ½ MM of the Osage Arm. You might just run into a deal you can’t pass up. This show is a great show to find the best deals of the season. If you are

2019 Bikefest Passport Program

One of the largest events at the Lake of the Ozarks starts this week!   As the rumbling starts midweek, the 13th annual Bikefest will bring in thousands of guests to the Lakewide event.   If your business wants to capitalize on the influx of guests and a great way is to have banners outside your business.   Lake Printing can print an eye-catching banner to help catch the attention of the bikers as they cruise up and down the roads of the lake area this week.   Our blog this week will explain all the excitement that comes with Bikefest.   SEPTEMBER 11-15, 2019 Motorcyclists from all over the United States will start riding into the Lake of the Ozarks on Wednesday to prepare for a weekend full of events specifically for bikers.   With the spectacular views of the Ozarks Mountains and the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, bikers will enjoy some of the scenic rides of their lives.   2019 Lake Bikefest Passport Ride is Presented by Full Throttle Magazine The start of th

5 Print Marketing Ideas to Make your Business Stand Out

In today's world, everyone thinks that digital has taken over the marketing sector.   Taken over is a strong statement.   Digital marketing is a very important part of your marketing plan but print marketing is still and always will be a vital part of a small business marketing strategy.   Customers still appreciate being able to look, touch, and feel products that interest them instead of just viewing a photo or video.   We have compiled 5 print ideas that can make your business stand out from the rest.   Logo Branded Promotional Products Placing your logo strategically on products that are used in everyday life is a very effective way to promote your brand.   With the technology used every day throughout the business and personal world a few items, this will work on are flash drives, phone chargers, and pop sockets.   Everyone has their phone with them 24 hours a day, so a pop socket can promote your business every time someone is using their phone.   Other it