Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Don't Become a Victim of Copyright Infringement!

In a world where everything is made easily accessible through internet searches - it's easier than ever to accidentally break the law with your print materials. Unfortunately, many individuals run to Google when they need certain photos, logos, graphics, and even fonts, and those materials are not always up for grabs. So we wanted to take some time to dig into copyright laws and how that can affect you as a business through your print marketing materials.

The Definition

There are three types of legally protected materials that could be important to you, and it's important to know the difference: patents, trademarks, and copyrights. A patent protects an invention, think of things like tools, vehicles, supplies, etc. A trademark protects brand names and logos that appear on goods and services. Finally, a copyright protects original and artistic works - this is probably where a small business will need to be cautious.

Protecting Your Print Materials

There are two things to keep in mind when thinking about protecting your print materials - protecting them from being stolen, and protecting you from accidentally stealing. In the first situation, if you've created a logo, taken photos, or written anything special for your print piece and you don't want anyone to reuse it without your permission, you'll need to have it copywritten. There are some laws that can protect you even if you don't pay the copyright fee - but if you want to ultimately be protected, it's easier to go through the proper channels.

In the second instance, you need to protect yourself from being called into court because you used something that was copywritten. The most common ways you'll probably infringe copyright is through photos, logos, and even fonts. Did you realize that many items on the web are copywritten and not available for use?

From graphics that you grabbed from Google for your poster to the cool font that matched the theme of your event - when you use these items for commercial use you are opening yourself up for trouble. There are some exceptions for personal use, and sometimes there are items that are in public domain, but it's always best to try and not evade the laws. If you really want to use something for commercial use, you can try to reach out to the copyright holder and get permission.

How Lake Printing Can Help

Do you want to stay safe while still getting designs that are professional? Lake Printing can help! We believe in making great impressions through your print materials, and part of making great impressions is keeping everything legal. From the fonts, photos, and graphics, we can help you achieve the look you love without being afraid that it will come back to bite you in the end. Visit our website to learn more about our professional graphic design services, as well as all custom print materials!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Making Great Graphic Design Work for You!

You understand how competitive the business market can be - especially in a small town. Small businesses are always looking for the best way to promote their company, a way that will increase their customer base and boost sales. We don't have to tell you what you already know. But what we will tell you is that there are ways that you can outsmart and out-market the competition! Today we're sharing with you a few reasons why great graphic design for your marketing material matters for your small business and few tips that'll make a huge difference in your visibility and brand recognition.

Let Your Design Do the Selling
Studies have shown that when you invest in design, it invests in you. Graphic design isn't just the art of making something pretty, it's about making something appealing. No matter what your business, what you're selling, or what you're providing - when you sell yourself with the right design, you can reap the rewards.

Market with Emotion
Remember: emotions sell. So, if you can create a marketing campaign that speaks to the emotions of your consumers, your marketing will perform about twice as well as a simple information ad. A great design ties this message together and can further evoke the emotions you're trying to drive.

Keep Your Business Top of Mind
This is gold. If you can create a marketing piece that your potential consumers will remember you by, you've got the money in the bag. When you have a print piece designed by a professional, you're giving yourself the benefit of staying top of mind In fact, when your brand, design, and product all interact harmoniously it will be hard for your customers to forget it. Likewise, they will probably be more apt to share it with others. 

Communicate Your Values
A design is like a language. Through type, colors, photos, icons, and textures you are able to communicate to your customers what is important to you. You can inspire someone to buy your product and use your services because they feel compelled to support your cause.

Don't Let Yourself Get Stuck on Just Looks
A good design should actually be invisible. If you thought it was all about the looks and the way it makes you feel, you're missing a key component in design. Graphic design is just as scientific, mathematical, and strategic - and it's not just about a pretty picture. A good design works for you. It grabs the attention of your key consumers, and it speaks the words that you don't have time to say. Think of it this way: If you feel compelled to explain every little image within your marketing piece, you're probably not portraying a good design. The design simply should speak for itself without explanation. 

Your Packaging Can Affect Impression
Packaging affects your sales more than you'll ever know. Have you chosen a movie or book based on the cover? They say don't judge a book by its cover, but we all know that an eye-catching cover will have books leaping off the shelves more than something that wasn't created with a purpose. Good packaging works the same way. Treat it with as much consideration as you'd put into the actual message itself.

Print Products that Work for You!
Don't let your print pieces get lost in the crowd, and make sure that they are communicating exactly what you want them to say. This applies to business cards, brochures, signs, packaging, books, banners, and more. A business person realizes the value of a good design and lets creativity and vision carry them where they couldn't go before. At Lake Printing, we know that your business is important, and we stand beside you the entire way. Our customized promotional products are created and designed for one purpose - to achieve your goals. Contact us today, or visit our website at to learn more about our professional printing services.

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Coupon Advertising for the Holidays!

As the holidays draw nearer, people will be coming out in force to shop for gifts and special deals that they may not be able to get during the rest of the year. They'll be looking for the super great deals to be rolling out and searching high and low for any money saving opportunities they can find. Coupon advertising, however, isn’t just a way to draw in the deal hunters. It’s an essential way to draw in new customers to your business. Here are some ways to ensure that your coupons are drawing in consumers and building excitement to shop at your store.

Have a Strong Call to Action
Are you trying to drive your customers to shop in store or online? You can guide shoppers to visit your store or online site easily by enticing them with a coupon offering a discount if the consumer shops in whichever venue you desire. Perhaps you're trying to get new customers through the door. You can easily do this by offering an incentive, such as a percentage off or a free item, to your current customers to bring in friends who haven't shopped your product or services yet. Make sure your call to action is highly visible and easy to understand.

Stand Out with Visual Appeal
Coupons that provide full-color, eye-catching content can compel customers to read your message. Give your content the professional and stylish look it needs. Include your logo and photos of your products to intrigue consumers. Put the discounted price or percentage off next to the image of your product to really drive home the incentive and entice consumers to shop.

Use Clear and Concise Text
We all know there's nothing more frustrating than getting what we assume to be an exceptionally wonderful incentive, get all excited while shopping, have our carts full and ready to check out... only to find out that half the items in your cart are exceptions to the coupon. Often times companies who make those irritatingly tricky coupons don't disclose restrictions in a easy to understand way. Avoid a frustrated consumer and answer every concern a buyer could think of. What: 20% off your purchase, Where: both in-store and online, When: until December 31st, and How: use the code 12345 or present coupon at time of checkout. Don’t try to trick your customers and always specify if there are certain restrictions. This honesty will demonstrate that your brand or company is trustworthy.

Determine the Value of the Coupon
Set a reasonable sales or revenue-based goal. This will help you decide how much money to spend on the campaign and ultimately, help you measure the results. Remember, the main goal of offering coupons is to encourage consumers to try your products or services. If what you offer is really good, they’ll most likely continue to shop with you. Coupons give you the opportunity to persuade new customers to switch to your brand. Make it count!

Trust the experts in retail marketing design and printing to help you create a stand out coupon that will draw in new and existing clients and have them shopping your products and services this holiday season. Lake Printing has been helping retail businesses of all sizes reach and grow their client base since 1949. Over the years we've gained a lot of knowledge and experience in effective retail marketing strategies. If you're in need of a revamp on your retail marketing materials, give us a call at 573-346-0600. We've got in house graphic designers that can help you create a marketing masterpiece to build your brand and clientele!

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Creating Effective and Meaningful Holiday Cards for Your Business

The holidays are quickly approaching. If you're hesitant about sending out holiday cards to your customers, prospects, vendors, partners and employees, you need to know that there's real value in doing so. Not only does it show your patrons and employees that you're thinking of them and value the relationship, but it also keeps your business top of mind. But just sending out a digital holiday card isn't good enough. It really needs to be a personalized printed card. Here are some tips for creating an effective and meaningful holiday card that'll show you truly care!

5 Reasons to Send Out Holiday Cards
  1. Professionally printed holiday cards are an ideal way to market your business in a very personal manner during the holiday season.
  2. A printed holiday business card gives you an opportunity to reconnect with customers and others you may have lost touch with.
  3. Well-designed and professionally printed holiday cards make a lasting impression on recipients. The impression you will leave on your customers will outweigh the cost.
  4. Printed corporate holiday cards mean much more to the recipient than a digital card. They prove you value your customer relationships enough to have your cards professionally printed. People love receiving cards in the mail.
  5. People tend to put the cards they receive on display during the holidays. This offers an opportunity for those who visit that business a chance to glimpse your brand. 
3 Considerations to Make When Creating Your Card
  1. Consider your brand when you're creating your card. Although it's the holidays and you want to create a festive card, you still want to incorporate your business's brand. You can do this without sacrificing the holiday cheer. Sometimes simplicity is best. 
  2. Rather than sending out cards with the same generic message, consider leaving space to allow a handwritten note to be included to truly personalize the holiday greetings. You can write the same message on each card, but it offers a more personal feel when it's handwritten. 
  3. Include a holiday incentive to say thank you and to entice them to return to you business for additional services or products. With Variable Data Marketing, you can provide different offers for the different types of relationships you're sending to (ie: offer customers a % off a service during their next visit). 

Lake Printing can help with all of your business holiday card needs, from design and color printing through direct mail services. Our full color printing, embossing and foil stamping will ensure a professional, high-quality holiday card that will make your brand stand out and get noticed.

Our team is ready to assist you with any of your print marketing needs, large or small. In fact, we are here to help you make great impressions. If you are looking for a business who can provide many professional printing services for you, we would be honored to be your connection. Visit our website to learn more about our services, or give us a call at 573-346-0600 today!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Brand Building for Your Business

When starting a new business, one of the most important things you can do is work on building a memorable brand. As you grow and make your business known in the community, your customers will begin recognizing your business quickly from the brand you build. A good logo is only the start of this. Branding goes so far as to include the look of your website, emails, business cards, promotional products, signage, and even your company apparel. From the get go, if you can establish a solid brand, it will not only give you a very professional look but make it easier for customers to recognize your company. Here are a few things you can do to help build a brand that works for you.

Stay Focused
A new business will always have limited resources, so it's important to use the funds you have to brand very specifically. Draw your attention to the single focus of your company, and brand that. Don't get distracted on rabbit trails within the business, and the small details that make it up. You want to clearly show your customers what you do, and after hooking their attention, then you can explain the rest. If you own a landscape company, but you also offer basic home repairs and lawn maintenance, keep the original focus on the landscaping. After you've had a chance to introduce yourself and your company, then you can go into the subcategories.

Keep It Simple
From the name of your company to the logo you choose, remember to keep it all simple. This will be the way people find you, and your name and logo will grace all of the promotional products and marketing materials that you use. Make your business name easy to spell and pronounce, and keep your logo visibly appealing, while not being complicated, confusing or distracting.

Use Your Brand Consistently
After you've established a brand, be sure to use it consistently. This is one area where many companies start to stray from their original plans. Just because another slogan develops, or a different image of your company starts to form as you go on, be sure to only stick to the original branding. It can be confusing for your consumers if your branding starts to change over time. Keep continuity in your company business cards, promotional products, vinyl banners and other print materials. This will establish your brand, but also make it easier for someone to recognize your brand when they see it!

Branding Your Business
Our team of expert graphic designers would love to help you create a logo and brand that distinguishes your company, but also helps keep your brand consistent. At Lake Printing, we specialize in promoting your company through print products that get your name out there. From custom designed print products, to a custom mailing system to get those products to your customers, we help you take care of it all!

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