Making Great Graphic Design Work for You!

You understand how competitive the business market can be - especially in a small town. Small businesses are always looking for the best way to promote their company, a way that will increase their customer base and boost sales. We don't have to tell you what you already know. But what we will tell you is that there are ways that you can outsmart and out-market the competition! Today we're sharing with you a few reasons why great graphic design for your marketing material matters for your small business and few tips that'll make a huge difference in your visibility and brand recognition.

Let Your Design Do the Selling
Studies have shown that when you invest in design, it invests in you. Graphic design isn't just the art of making something pretty, it's about making something appealing. No matter what your business, what you're selling, or what you're providing - when you sell yourself with the right design, you can reap the rewards.

Market with Emotion
Remember: emotions sell. So, if you can create a marketing campaign that speaks to the emotions of your consumers, your marketing will perform about twice as well as a simple information ad. A great design ties this message together and can further evoke the emotions you're trying to drive.

Keep Your Business Top of Mind
This is gold. If you can create a marketing piece that your potential consumers will remember you by, you've got the money in the bag. When you have a print piece designed by a professional, you're giving yourself the benefit of staying top of mind In fact, when your brand, design, and product all interact harmoniously it will be hard for your customers to forget it. Likewise, they will probably be more apt to share it with others. 

Communicate Your Values
A design is like a language. Through type, colors, photos, icons, and textures you are able to communicate to your customers what is important to you. You can inspire someone to buy your product and use your services because they feel compelled to support your cause.

Don't Let Yourself Get Stuck on Just Looks
A good design should actually be invisible. If you thought it was all about the looks and the way it makes you feel, you're missing a key component in design. Graphic design is just as scientific, mathematical, and strategic - and it's not just about a pretty picture. A good design works for you. It grabs the attention of your key consumers, and it speaks the words that you don't have time to say. Think of it this way: If you feel compelled to explain every little image within your marketing piece, you're probably not portraying a good design. The design simply should speak for itself without explanation. 

Your Packaging Can Affect Impression
Packaging affects your sales more than you'll ever know. Have you chosen a movie or book based on the cover? They say don't judge a book by its cover, but we all know that an eye-catching cover will have books leaping off the shelves more than something that wasn't created with a purpose. Good packaging works the same way. Treat it with as much consideration as you'd put into the actual message itself.

Print Products that Work for You!
Don't let your print pieces get lost in the crowd, and make sure that they are communicating exactly what you want them to say. This applies to business cards, brochures, signs, packaging, books, banners, and more. A business person realizes the value of a good design and lets creativity and vision carry them where they couldn't go before. At Lake Printing, we know that your business is important, and we stand beside you the entire way. Our customized promotional products are created and designed for one purpose - to achieve your goals. Contact us today, or visit our website at to learn more about our professional printing services.

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