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Re-engage Customers with Direct Mail Marketing

Reaching out to customers who have stopped frequenting your Mid-Missouri business can have a lasting effect on your business and its bottom line.  By using direct mail tactics to re-engage lapsed customers you stand to convert a segment of clientele that is already familiar with your brand. The expert designers at Lake Printing Company can help you create a simple, well-written mail piece to send out to your customers that may not be quite as engaged as you would like.  Continue reading to learn some tactics to use in order to create a fantastic win-back direct mail campaign. Always Be Direct Send lapsed customers an eye-catching, easy-to-read survey.  Ask your customers directly why they left your business.  Make sure the survey is short and to the point (about three to five questions).  Include a business reply card – and don’t forget the pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope!  Consider providing an incentive of some type for completing the survey.  This incentive could be an ex

Business Cards as an Essential Marketing Strategy

At Lake Printing Company, Inc. , the printing hub of the Midwest, we strive to fulfill all your printing needs, large and small.  In this digital age where people are more apt to trade physical for digital, it's important to know where you stand as a small business.  While some businesses want to incorporate all things trendy and digital, even with business cards, there are still many who prefer the paper business cards.  At Lake Printing , we believe paper business cards are an essential part of any marketing strategy for small businesses.  We have multiple state-of-the-art services we can offer to enhance and design business cards .  Continue reading to learn about some advantages to using paper business cards, and how we can help you attract more clients by providing your company with a stand-out business card. First: Why Use Paper Business Cards? The Personal Interaction There's nothing like making a connection with a client or potential customer and being able

How to Create Effective Content for Your Print Marketing Materials

With the boom of social media and technology today, you may be wondering is print marketing still effective? The simple answer is yes! With the clutter of social media today, print is a great way to stand out from your competitors and reach your target audience. Online content is often seen once and then lost forever in the clutter of the timeline, but since you can physically hold print material, it typically has a longer life in the hands of its audience. In addition, print is a great way for people to unplug from their hectic daily lives. At Lake Printing , we can help your business market to your target audience effectively. Here's a couple tips to think about when you're planning a print marketing campaign. Include Promotions When creating content, you always should include a call to action for the reader. Promotions or coupons are a great way to encourage your target audience to buy your products or services and could create a sense of excitement for future print

Create Effective Flyers with These 3 Tips!

Flyers can be a huge and effective part of your business's marketing strategy if done right! Lake Printing has some excellent ways to make use of flyers that will blow your marketing strategy up in a good way! Check out some flyer marketing tips we have to make the most of your marketing strategy: Keep it Simple to Make an Impact Don't worry about making your flyer a work of art worthy of hanging in a museum.  That's not the point of marketing.  Your flyer should have a call to action, an offer (if applicable), and should be easy to read.  Make sure your branding is recognizable and draw your reader in with a snappy headline or title.  Your written content should be brief, as you don’t want to overwhelm your reader by squeezing in too much information.  While nice graphics are eye-catching, having too much text, color, or graphics can take away from the message.  When it comes to flyers, simplicity sells. Repetition & Consistency Pay Off Being repetitive an