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What's the Difference Between UV and Aqueous Coatings?

You've spent time and energy to make sure that your print piece has a beautiful design, has been proofed and spell-checked over and over, and now it's almost time to get in on the press and in your hands! One last thing, though. Do you want to have a UV coating or an aqueous coating? Or any coating at all? The coating on your print pieces makes all of the difference, because that's what protects it from elements, and keeps it looking new for longer. At Lake Printing, we specialize in taking your ideas and turning them into reality when it comes to your print marketing at the Lake of the Ozarks. Here are a few ideas to help you know what coating would be best for your piece. What is Aqueous Coating? An aqueous coating is clean, fast-drying, and water-based. It is used to protect your print piece, and it provides a high-gloss or matte surface. It can deter dirt and fingerprints, which makes it ideal for any piece that will be handled on a routine basis. If you'r

Go Back to School In Style!

It's crazy to think that in just one month, many schools in the area will be starting back up, and our kids will be headed back to their learning schedules. As a local business, one of the greatest things you can support in the area is the local schools! They work hard to make sure that your kids are cared for and taught well, so why not help the students and teachers get prepared by handing out some awesome promotional products! Flashlight Keychain Super bright LED flashlight with swivel split key ring. Solid metal construction and metallic color finish with five beams. Push on/off switch saves battery life so it's ready when needed. Environmentally friendly lithium batteries included(replaceable). Great gift idea. Ideal for key holder, key tag, key chain, key ring, safety, emergency. Economy School Kit Economy school kit comes with two economy pencils, 6" wooden ruler and a blank thrifty sharpener. All items come in a zippered vinyl pouch that fits into any s

The Top 5 Benefits of Banners

In a day when people are so used to seeing digital advertising through social media and television, there are still practical ways to advertise to your customers that don't involve staring at technology. Vinyl banners are not only a great way to get the word across, but they are an economical way to advertise your business. Here are five benefits to using banners throughout your business for advertising purposes. Reusable One of the biggest advantages of having to create a banner at the Lake of the Ozarks for your business is that it is a reusable item. If you'll be promoting something over a period of time, or hosting the same even on a routine basis, a banner is a great way to do it. Banners are easy to transport to many different locations and they work great inside and out. Targeted Because banners are printed digitally, you can put virtually anything on them that you would like. In the past, they were made with layers of vinyl, and you could only do what could

FAQ's About Graphic Design For Your Print Piece

Graphic design is a part of everyday life. From the television shows, you watch to the print pieces you have us create for your company. They are the first and last impression many people will have of your company, if not the only impression. If you doubted the importance of graphic design, it's time to think again, because, in this visual society, you want to speak the language people are using, and part of that is through appealing graphics. Whether you have a piece that has already been designed and printed, or your still in the beginning stages of the process, here are a few frequently asked questions to give you a good impression of why graphic design is so important. Why Do I Need a Professional Graphic Designer? Have you ever gone somewhere with a table of business cards looking for a specific service? Which ones do you choose? We would wager that you grab the ones that catch your eye. Which ones do you visit the website of? Most likely the ones that have a professi