5 Finishing Options for your Business Card

Business cards are an important part of a business’s marketing strategy. Everyone has business cards, but not everyone has a business card that will capture attention and keep their business top of mind. When a business card is designed, the color scheme and the paper chosen can speak volumes about your brand. Here at Lake Printing, we make it a priority to help you create a classy and professional piece to represent your business. By venturing away from the comfort of a standard template business card and getting creative with finishing print options, you will give a different look and an extra edge to your business cards that will set you apart from everyone else.

Why Does Texture Matter?

Often before someone looks at your business card, they will feel it. When your card feels nice in the hand, it can catch attention and appeal to many different senses. It can be easy to overlook the texture and jump straight to the design but take a few moments while planning out your cards to really make a solid paper choice. If you are not sure where to start or why - here are a few things you need to know.


One aspect that may feel complicated is the finish on your business cards. It is just one more way to make a unique impression, so with a little bit of time, you can easily select something that will make an impact. Here are 5 show stopping finishes:

1. Varnish & Spot UV

This is one of the most used finishes on business cards. Because of its durable quality, most of the cards printed in any graphic place already include a varnish finish instead of the old paper feel. A varnish finish is a coating of matte, silk or gloss that can be applied to the business card to protect the paper making it last longer, and also enhance the look and feel of the design. A varnish card has the plastic feeling to it and it’s also very shiny. Spot UV is an ultraviolet varnishing that is used to enhance certain areas of the card making the color appear richer and shine with the varnish coating feel to it.

2. Die Cutting

Die cutting is becoming a very popular choice for business cards. The reason for this is because people tend to be drawn to cards that aren't the cookie cutter size and shape. The creativity of designers are making business cards intriguing by changing the shape according to business needs. Die cutting is the simple process of cutting the card into different shapes.

3. Foil Sampling

A foil finish gives a touch of shimmering elegance to the business card with a nice textured feel and look. This process is created by pressing a colored foil into the card paper with a heated die. It is mostly used to enhance typography and logos, and is a beautiful way to make your design memorable.

4. Folding

Folded business cards are like standard business cards, but with twice the space. Since this finish is unique in the business card standards, they tend to stand out from the norm, and can even have a multipurpose use. Providing pertinent information about your business, and playing the role of a coupon, promo, or appointment card can add valuable use to the receiver!

5. Embossing & Debossing

Embossing is created by heat pressing into the card paper without any use of ink or foil. It gives a very strong textured feel to the card and in some cases a 3 dimensional visual effect to it. Debossing has the opposite effect of embossing by depressing the print. It gives the same feel, but the paper is actually pressed in instead of popping out, and it also creates 3 dimensional visual effects.

There are many finishing options that will produce a unique business card. No matter where you are located, our team would be honored to help you design and print your business cards. We are located at the Lake of the Ozarks, but we service areas all around the country. Our graphic designers can come up with a business card design that not only stand out above the rest, but also amplify your brand. Allow Lake Printing to treat you with professionalism and quality as we help you represent your brand with one of the first great impressions.

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