Grab Your Customer's Attention With BOLD Signage

Vinyl banners can be one of the most popular, versatile and cost effective ways to market your business. Lake Printing can create a banner that will grab the attention of your customers while being ideal for indoor and outdoor use. When you need eye-catching vinyl banners at the Lake of the Ozarks there are a few details you'll need to know to make your selection even better.

Selecting a Banner Size

There are many different sizes available when you purchase your banner, in fact, we can often work with you on specific requests. Here are a few of the most popular sizes:

2x4 - This size is ideal for indoor use, or in places where your customers don't need to see the information at a long distance. You could use it to promote a sale, or new product in your store, or hang it in your window for the window shoppers.

3x6 - This mid-size banner can be used indoor and outdoor. It is large enough to get your message across while hanging outside, yet not too big to be used indoors as well.

4x8 - This is the largest of our popular banner sizes. It is ideal for drawing attention while hanging outside. It could also be a nice touch for the front of a table at a conference or tradeshow to advertise your company and business.

All of our banners are printed on a high-quality vinyl and can get your message across clearly and vibrantly. The edges are hemmed to keep the banner in top quality, and there are grommets to make it easier to display. You can request that the grommets only be placed on the top if it's for indoor use, or on all four sides if you'll be using it outdoors and need the extra security.

Choosing The Right Banner Weight

After you've decided how you want to use your banner, you can decide the weight of the material. Though all of our banners are for indoor and outdoor use - having the correct weight of material can be more cost effective and practical for you.

10 oz. - This weight is commonly used for indoor banners. While it is very durable, it is not as thick or heavy duty. This can be great savings for you when you don't need the extra thickness.

13 oz. - A 13 oz. banner can be used indoor and outdoor. While it is on the thinner side, it is still a great outdoor banner. The grommets allow you to stretch it out between posts or nails, making the display easy and effective.

16 oz. - This is a heavy vinyl and is perfect for outdoor use. The added weight will assist in keeping your banner from flapping in the wind, as well as holding up to the sunlight. Our USA Printing company uses soy inks, which are not only fade resistant, but very eco-friendly.

Mesh - A mesh banner can be IDEAL for outdoor use - especially anywhere that you won't want the wind catching your banner. There are small holes in this banner that aren't heavily visible, so it won't affect the quality of your images and text - but it will allow the wind to blow through.

Best Print Company at the Lake of the Ozarks

Lake Printing aims to be the best print company not only at the Lake but also in the nation. We specialize in making your print products stunning and professional while never compromising the integrity of keeping our materials green and eco-friendly. From banners to business cards, the way you advertise your business is important to us. Give us a call, or submit an online request today. We'd love to talk with you about how we can help improve your company through expertly designed print materials!

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