Benefits of Wall Covering Marketing

For any business owner, your goal for growth should include building your brand and making a lasting impression that people will remember. Not only should you have this focus while creating your marketing material, but also when planning your business space. Custom wallpaper & mural printing provides a host of marketing opportunities that allows you to enhance your company office, building exterior or public space. Custom wallpaper is a lightweight, durable material which has a variety of uses, from commercial to residential installations. If you are looking for branded wall graphics or a custom wall mural, we can help! Take a look at just a few of the great reasons you should consider wall coverings for your business:

Reinforces Your Brand
Who says you have to stick to the standard marketing material when it comes to advertising your brand? Many businesses forget to use every square foot possible to create a lasting brand impression. You've literally got walls of space just waiting to be utilized! Why not use your decor as another selling point? Don't waste your money on stock wallpaper options that don't allow you to personalize your walls. Custom wall coverings allow for the incorporation of corporate colors, logos, and even slogans, amplifying your message, brand, and impression!

Economical and Cost Efficient
Wall coverings can last up to five times as long as paint, under normal usage conditions. Although you may pay a little more at the start, wall coverings can result in savings of up to 30% over time compared to paint. Plus, unlike painted walls that must be cleaned frequently or repainted to maintain a like new appearance, wall coverings are very durable and require little or no maintenance over the years, saving you time and money!

Easy to Customize
Vinyl wall coverings allow for great customization. Rather than being stuck with only having a half dozen selections of wall paper to choose from, you can customize your wall coverings as you see fit. And, what's better is they can be permanent or semi- permanent depending on how often you prefer to change your look. So if you run a business where you prefer to change your look often with the changing seasons or special events, you have that option - perfect for retail businesses! And we have more permanent solutions for other businesses seeking a permanent wall covering.

Create an Unforgettable Experience with Lake Printing
Digital wall coverings can add richness and depth while creating a stunning and memorable visual experience for your patrons. So, if you're looking to step up your marketing game and create a floor-to-ceiling brand experience that will make an impact and leave a good impression, let Lake Printing help you. We specialize in creating and printing digital wallcoverings. Give us a call at Lake Printing today and get a fresh new look that you never thought possible!

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