3 Tips to Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show

The goals of a trade show are to speak to as many people as possible, create leads, and sell as many of your products as you can.  In some industries the leads that are gathered at a trade show keep them busy throughout the year.  In this week’s blog, we will give you tips to make your booth stand out from the competition. 

Plan your Display

The trick to trade shows is to work on planning how your booth will look before the show.  It’s hard to put a great booth that will attract customers in the couple of hours you are given to set up your booth.  Whether you are going to have a display or just a backdrop you will want to make sure it looks professional.  Print companies can help you with this process.  If you let them know what you are looking for, they can print a display professionally that will appeal to the trade show audience.   If you only want a backdrop, decide how you would like to attach the backdrop, have it printed, and make sure the size will fit how you would like in your booth. 

Handing out promotional products is a great way for people to remember you.  Think out of the box when picking a product.  It will need to be something they will use, or it will be thrown in the trash.  Use the promotional product to brand your business.  Make sure your logo and website on the
product.  After working many tradeshows in my life, I’ll never forget a gentleman coming to my booth year after year to get a pen.  The last year I saw him was when we decided not to give away the pens.  He asked me if I had any pens to give away.  I responded with; we didn’t bring the pens this year as a giveaway.  He explained to me he came to my booth every year, purchased a product and took 2 pens with him that he used all year.  They were his favorite pens.  I didn’t see him again the following yet, but I sure brought those pens back to the show.  Another great giveaway is a bag with your logo on it.  Everyone carries a bag at the tradeshow to place all the brochures in.  If they are using your bag, you will gain exposure throughout the whole show all weekend long. 

Professional Business Cards

Handing out professional business cards that are slightly different from your basic business card will also help you stand out.  Talk to your printing company to help come up with ideas on how to make your business card stand out from the competition.  Maybe use a different substrate to print on or have your card cut in a different shape than your normal rectangle. 

Hopefully this will help you while planning your next trade show.  If you need help with plans for a display or printing any promotional products the printing hub of the Midwest would love to help you.  Feel free to contact LakePrinting at 573-346-0600 or visit our website www.LakePrinting.com

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