5 Binding Methods for Books & Documents

Binding is the key component when printing a book, magazine, and even business documents. Several types of binding are available for these processes. At the printing hub of the Midwest, we offer many binding options for our customers to choose from for a specific project. In this week’s blog, we will highlight five binding options available in the printing world.

1. Saddle Stitching 

Saddle Stitching is probably the most common and economical type of binding used today. This type of binding is used for books that do not have a lot of pages, 64 pages or fewer works best for this style. Comic books and small catalogs are perfect examples of saddle stitching. The saddle stitching process includes taking folded sheets placing one inside the other creating a book. When the pages are in order wire staples are then placed on the fold (spine) connecting the pages to create a book. The reason this process is called saddle stitching is the sheets of paper are placed over a machine that looks like a saddle while the wire staples are being placed. 

2. Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding is most commonly used for softback books. Thermal glue is used at the spine of the book to attach the pages and the cover of the book. After the pages and cover are attached the other 3 sides are then trimmed to give them perfect edges. This method gives the book a very appealing look to customers. The spine offers space to have text printed which other methods do not allow. This method offers customers the ability to do printing as needed since they can be printed on short runs. 

3. Hardcover or Case Binding

This is the standard style of binding for hardback books. This method of binding sews the inside pages of the book into sections. After the pages have been sewn together the actual cover of the book is created. The cover of the book is created by gluing the cover, the back, and the spine of the book to 3 pieces of board. After this process has been completed, the inside pages are attached to the exterior by glue. Depending on the size of the book this process can be done by hand or by a machine. 

4. Spiral Bind

This style of binding does not include folding the paper. The paper is printed, and holes are placed on the edge of the papers. The papers are then attached by a round coil that runs through holes that have been cut in the paper. Spiral binds allow the book to lie flat, unlike other binding methods. This is a great method for presentations or business documents. 

5. Side Stitch Bind

Side Stitching is very similar to saddle stitching. However, a wire is stapled through pages, the cover, and the back of the book to attach all the parts of the book or document. 

Picking the perfect binding method depends on the style of the book or document you are creating. If you have questions about the binding methods that we offer at Lake Printing, call and speak with a staff member. Our staff will go through the different options that will work best with the product you are creating. Visit our website www.LakePrinting.com to see all the services that we offer at Lake Printing

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