Trends in Print Marketing for 2020

Believe it or not, print marketing is still a huge part of business marketing. At Lake Printing, we’re here to make sure that you are staying on top of the trends so that your business always looks good. If you are still trying to figure out what the best ways for print marketing are for your business, here are a few trends that are incredibly popular right now and how we can help you make dreams into reality.

Merging Digital and Print Marketing

What makes marketing in this day and age so unique is that you get to combine the best of both worlds. All of the personal, colorful, and textural aspects of print marketing can bring out the best of digital marketing and vice versa. You can easily make your print marketing reflect your digital marketing, and your digital marketing reflects your print marketing. What’s more, you can have them work together! QR codes are still a huge part of marketing and are an easy way to get people where you want them to go. In fact, they are even more popular now that some of the more common cell phone types don’t require a custom app to process the QR code, but merely the camera app.

Make it Personalized

This is such an easy aspect of print marketing these days and the value is immeasurable. You can customize your posters, flyers, direct mailings and more which will help draw attention to your business and leave competitors in the dust. Print marketing is already incredibly personal, but you can make it more so by utilizing the analytics at your disposal from your online presence. Utilizing both print and internet marketing can be a crucial part of your business when done effectively.

Utilizing Unique Coupon Codes

Coupons and print marketing are not new acquaintances - they have been used together in marketing practices for decades. However, the modern age has really ramped up the ways you can make these coupon codes work for you. A unique coupon code is a computer-generated code that a customer can then plug into a box on their shopping cart online to then get a discount. Unique coupon codes are more targeted than a generic code, and these can make your customer feel valued and special. They are a great way to utilize print marketing and advertising because it can attract new customers and they can be used in just about any way you want to use them as a way to assist in boosting sales.

Don’t Forget Texture

This is the year for getting creative with paper texture. We’ve all held the standard business card. But … you remember the cards that are unique. They have a special shape, an embossed logo, they are much heavier and thicker than you’ve felt before, they are PLASTIC, or some even have a velvet texture. These details are not easily forgotten when they are used to minimally. If you want to do something special for your next print project come in and feel some of the different textures, you may be amazed to find that a standard business card won’t cut it for you anymore.

Print Marketing Has Immense Value

When you neglect one form of marketing for another, you are leaving out a huge sector of business. Your print marketing is used in conjunction with your media advertising and even word of mouth - so make sure that you are staying on the cutting edge. Of course, what business owner has time to think about details when it comes to their next flyer or a business card redesign? You are busy, and we get that. This is why you hire a professional print company in Missouri to think about the details for you. Let us know what your project is, when you need it by, and what your budget is. From here we can start to create a piece that is unique and special. Ready to get started? Visit our website and submit a quote request! We look forward to helping you reach your print marketing goals!

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