Tricks to Merge Online and Print Marketing Strategies

It feels like the biggest trick of all - combining what we know of tried and true print marketing tactics with the modern and digital world of online marketing. As you may find yourself in what feels like an alternate universe, being torn between familiar marketing strategies and modern updated ones, we would like to offer the opinion that you do not have to choose. There is a way to merge both the print marketing and online marketing, and our team at Lake Printing is here to help. We are the best printing company in the midwest, covering huge names and labels that you know and love - but not too large to offer incredible service to our local community and small businesses. Here are a few ways you can make the most of your marketing through print and online combined!

Utilize QR Codes for Print Materials

Did you know that QR codes are still a big deal in marketing? There are those who argue that they are “dead” but we’re offering the idea that they are just getting started! Aside from the fact that companies like Pepsi, Jeep, Snapchat, and Spotify are using them, your company can ALSO be using them! QR codes offer an easy way to guide your customers to a specific landing page and it’s easier than ever for people to use them, as you no longer have to have the QR code app to open the graphic. You can also use these little tools for fantastic tracking capabilities to learn about the interaction between customer segments, demographics, geography, and purchase history.

Publish Social Media Reviews

It can take a lot of effort get to build a social media platform, and to then get those sought after reviews - why not use them in more places than just the internet? Printing positive reviews from your customers can help show other customers how fantastic you are, it can add an element of social proof, and it even showcases the online community that you have to customers who may be offline.

Print Your Hashtags

Sure, hashtags don’t work on print - or do they?? Hashtags have a very specific way of working on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, but they can still be useful in your print marketing as well. Specific hashtags used in your print materials can help funnel all marketing channels toward a single campaign.

Provide Digital Opt-Ins for Direct Mail

This just shows that the way you can use digital and print marketing can go both ways! If you create a digital way for people to sign up for your direct mail, you are now merging these two mediums. Then you can use the direct mailers to include catalogs, newsletters, and exclusive offers!

Lake Printing Is Here To Help!

If you aren’t sure where to start when merging your print and online marketing tactics, we can help! Visit our website to learn more about our print services in Missouri and how our print company in the Midwest can work with both large and small companies alike. We are looking forward to your next project and can’t wait to help you merge the gap between your print and digital marketing!

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