Why is Hiring a Graphic Designer So Important?

In today's visual society, you want to speak the language people are using in your marketing. Part of that is through appealing graphics. Graphic design is a part of everyday life. From the television shows, you watch to the print pieces you used to market your company. Whether you have a piece that has already been designed and printed, or your still in the beginning stages of the process, here are a few things you should know to give you a good impression of why graphic design is so important.

Why Do I Need a Professional Graphic Designer?

Have you ever gone somewhere with a table of business cards looking for a specific service? Which ones do you choose? We would wager that you grab the ones that catch your eye. Which ones do you visit the website of? Most likely the ones that have a professional feel, with enough information to show you what they do. This is why graphic design is so important. You probably wouldn't pick up a business card that was printed on printer paper with a grainy appearance and bad graphics because without even realizing it, you are judging the quality of work by the quality of their business card. In many cases, without even knowing what you're doing, you are thinking that if they invested money into their business cards, they have invested time and money into the quality of their work - and so you call them.

Will I Get Any Input in My Print Piece?

Of course! Our graphic designers are creating something just for you, and because of that, we want your opinion from the start. While our designers are trained to create something that will be eye-catching and beautiful, we also realize that graphic design is a style. Our goal is to mix your style with something that will catch attention and in the end, cause someone to want to call you for your services.

Do you Print Off a Proof For Me to See?

Many companies may print a proof off so you can hold your piece and see it in real life, but we've opted for a green option. We create your piece digitally, and then send you a PDF proof so that we can not only save you money in the long run from the cost of a proof, but also save the earth by saving more trees. Help us make a difference in our community and industry by viewing your PDF proof and saving paper and ink.

How do I Know When I Need An Updated Look?

This is hard to say, but if you are wondering if you need to update, chances are you do. While we don't always advocate for changing the entire look of your company, sometimes it can be good to update the style in small ways, or at least make sure that the information is correct so you don't have to keep marking things out with a pen. If you are ready to do a complete re-design of your business card or logo, we can help!

Count on Lake Printing for Your Graphic Design Needs

Lake Printing has been around for over 65 years, and we aim to continue making strides in our industry to continue being the best around. We provide a variety of services from graphic design to custom printing and mailing. If your business needs an updated look, or even just needs new business cards for a new employee, visit our website, or give us a call at 573-346-0600 today!

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