Benefits of Die Cutting for Your Print Marketing Needs

The goal of any business is to find a way to make great impressions and find new and retain existing clients. We truly believe that this should be priority when it comes to your marketing strategy. This is why we’d love to step in and help fill the design need in your company! There are many ways you can take your marketing to the next level, but die cutting is an incredible way to make great impressions and help your piece to capture attention. Here are a few reasons you should consider die cutting for your print marketing pieces.

Stand Out with Unique Pieces
Most print materials, while they look different in color and design, look rather the same in shape - kind of like billboards. If you've ever noticed, most billboards are the same shape and size, all broadcasting different messages, but they're easy to tune out when you've become accustomed to them. By choosing a unique shape for your business cards, brochures, folders and more, you're increasing your chances of getting noticed. People can't help but keep unique things, and when your business card is shaped like a piece of pizza because you are the best pizza joint in town, people will be more apt to keep your card and show it off!

Increase Brand Recognition
One of the greatest things you can accomplish with your business is to create brand recognition. You want people to be able to recognize your business at a glance because of the brand. Whether it's a font you use, color scheme, photos, or shapes. This is where die cutting comes in handy - you can create shapes on your print pieces that couldn't be done with regular 2D printing. Anything that helps strengthen your brand even more is a great step in making great impressions!

Make Your Images & Graphics POP
When deciding how to create your print pieces, you may want to use graphics or photos. Keep in mind that the best way to showcase your brand is not through stock images and clipart, but through actual images of your product and personal photos of yourself. Enhance these photos and graphics by cutting around them with die cutting! This will make them pop and definitely add more character to your images than just a flat image on paper.

Create Something Touchable & Interactive
Have you ever seen those marketing items that beg to be touched, held, and used? When you incorporate die cutting into your print piece you are giving it that element of being interactive. When talking about business cards, brochures, company handbooks, magazines, catalogs and more, you WANT someone to pick up your piece. You want them to take it home, look at it, remember it, save it, and in the end - call your number when they need what you have. Your print piece is something that goes where your salesmen cannot go, and speak where you cannot on behalf of your business - invest in it.

They're Versatile & Reusable
One of the best things about die cutting is that it can be combined with so many different printing techniques. You can use it on many different paper types, with different finishes, foils, embossing or more. Die cutting is also reusable. If you choose a standard shape like circles or rounded edges, it can be easier to get because they are most likely in stock - but if you choose a custom shape, we'll keep it and you can use it many times over.

Market Your Business with Custom Print Pieces
Marketing your company is one of the greatest things you can do to reach people, increase your sales circle, and in the end, hopefully sell more product and services. When you market your business appropriately, you are showing the value you place not only on your company, but also the value you place on providing excellent service and products to your customers. Make great impressions and create a beautiful and unique marketing campaign with Lake Printing - we look forward to working with you!

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