Top 3 Reasons to Use Wide-Format Printing

 There are many ways to market your business in today's day and age. And while you may think that internet marketing is king on all playing fields, the printing hub of the Midwest, Lake Printing, would like to explain otherwise. Wide-format printing can be a huge (.... literally) asset in helping to promote your business at the Lake of the Ozarks. Read on to learn more about this fantastic printing style!

Demand Attention

Wide-format imaging allows you the chance to make your business a "larger-than-life" appearance. Producing bold, high-quality images on large projects such as banners, marketing signage, and other large-scale materials. These work wonderfully to capture the attention of your audience and express something of value about your business, such as a promotion, new location, etc. 

High-Quality Imaging

Wide-format printers are built to handle and yield large print materials while keeping high-quality imagining through refinement. Typically, these printers are categorized as lasers, thermal, inkjet, or electrostatic. One commonality is that they all use droplet technology to utilize a high-precision ejection process - achieving grand-scale, high-quality results.


Quick, accurate, and convenient! Wide-format copiers are designed to quickly produce high-quality prints at a rate of anywhere from 125-5,000 sqft. per hour. Doing the math on that, you'd be able to turn out roughly 10 large-scale print projects within a span of roughly 15 minutes. Talk about good turnaround times!

As you can see, wide-format printing can be utilized to create some grand print marketing materials to promote your business, and at a fraction of the cost of screen prints. At Lake Printing, we can work with you every step of the way to ensure your larger-than-life materials are going to attract the right audience. Allow our leading industry technology and expertise to handle your next printing project!

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