How to Build a Brand That Will be Remembered

 We can all agree that being recognized as reputable and valuable is important for any business. You'll want to build a brand for your business that people recognize and resonate with as soon as they see your logo. In this week's blog, your premier printing company at the Lake of the Ozarks, Lake Printing is going to give you three steps to help build a memorable brand.

Be Consistent

Brand consistency is essential to building the brand to be remembered fondly. It coincides with familiarity, which leads to trust and therefore more business & referrals. It can be tempting as your business grows, to make continuous adjustments. However, this can cause your brand to stray away from its original message. Once you find the "magic formula" that works for your brand - stick with it! Innovations are still great and if you must adapt to something affecting your market, do so... but make sure your message stays on target.

Keep It Simple...

Studies have shown that you only have 10seconds or less to make a first impression. Consider this strongly when you're creating your business logo. Keep it simple, relevant, and memorable while still clearly conveying your intended message. You'll be using your logo A LOT, so the more people resonate and remember it, the better. Keep your logo visually appealing without getting overly complex with it.

Maintain Focus

While you may have multiple facets to your business products and services. It's important when building a brand that you focus on a single focus for your company to attract as much attention as possible. You can obviously work your subcategories in after the initial meeting with a client or promote them in other ways with various marketing. However, you'll want your brand to be recognized and focused on your primary function. For example, if you own a real estate company but also have a cleaning service on the side, you want to be recognized as "the best for buying & selling real estate." The cleaning service can then be brought into conversations with clients you meet that are interested in your initial service/product. 

At Lake Printing, we have a team of professional graphic designers & print marketing specialists that would be happy to help you step by step in creating and monitoring building a brand for your business. As the printing hub of the Midwest, we specialize in promoting businesses through print products to help you build said brand and spread awareness of your company. Ready to start building? Contact us today!

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