Monday, March 26, 2018

Choosing the Best Marketing Products for Your Business

When it comes to choosing the best marketing products for your business, sometimes it can seem overwhelming - the choices are endless. At Lake Printing, we want to help you take the hassle out of making the right decision, and help you make great impressions with every print piece you hand out. No matter what your company needs, we are here to help with your printing and promotional products. Here are a few ways you can choose the best product for your company in the midst of so many choices.

Why Are You Promoting?
Determining the "why" of your promotion will help you decide which type of print product will be the best for you. If you need a print product because you want to get more information out about your company in an easy and concise way, a business card could be a very good option for you. If your business wants to provide detailed information about their services, products or mission, you may want to consider a pamphlet. These give you the freedom to include a lot of information without cramming too much into a small space. If you need a LOT of people to see your information, and you need something that works well in different environments, a banner can be a great way to promote your company. It can stand up to the heat, snow, rain, cold, and more, so you won't have to worry about it falling apart.

What Are You Promoting?
Think about what you are wanting to promote. Do you need to let people know about an event you're hosting, a product that has just hit the shelves, or a brand new feature of your company? Narrowing down your focus can help you decide what would be better for your company. If you're hosting an event, a full color laminated flyer could be a practical option for you. You can grab the eye of your customers in passing, and then provide them the details so they know where, when and why to show up. If you have a new product in your store, a banner can easily showcase this new product, and grab attention from a far distance. If you are promoting a new service for your company, like online ordering, you can take advantage of our great mailing options. We can help you create a postcard that will effectively show what you need to, and then mail it out to a customized list of people who will benefit most from your information.

How Many People Do You Want to Reach?
Finally, realizing how many people you need to reach can make a difference in the type of product you're choosing. If you just want to make connections one-on-one, shake hands, remember faces and names, a business card is a personal way to introduce yourself and get out information about your company. Whereas, if you want to reach thousands of people, a customized mailing could be a better choice for you.

Customized Print Products
Choosing a print product for your company can be a very important decision, but doesn't mean it has to be hard. At Lake Printing, we can help you find the best product for your company, while also helping you meet specific needs and staying within your budget. If you're ready to find the best product for you and your company, visit our website, or give us a call at 573-346-0600 today!

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