Graphic Design Trends to Follow

Graphic design is a language, it communicates emotion, important details, and can make or break your print piece. While you hire a graphic designer to create your pieces and tell you what is trending, or to make your piece look perfect, it can be helpful to know what is trending as you begin these projects so that you know which visual direction to go in. Here are a few trends that are happening this year, and how they can translate into your marketing pieces!

Zero Negative Space

While there are many aspects of design trending that are minimalist, and interesting maximalist style is also emerging. The style to fill a page edge to edge and not leave any negative space can be incredibly attractive or highly distracting. It all depends on the style, the subject, and how it’s laid out. Using a blend of photos and text to accomplish this look can be awesome for printed posters or magazine pieces.

Muted Color Palettes

In the recent past, bright, bold, and vivid colors have been key pieces to design, however things are changing this year. Many designers and brands are opting for more muted and simple colors and styles. They are accomplishing this by applying a desaturated black, white, or complementary color over the top of the design to “mute” it.

Simple Fonts

A trend that you may notice this year is the use of heavy, simple fonts. They tend to be bold or extra bold, and many designers use them to create contrast and hierarchy. This font type is paired well with simple backgrounds or other lighter fonts. It’s dramatic, catches attention, and is just about the flourish.

Carefully Selected Stock Phones

One trend among stock photos is that they are both genuine and neutral. Muted landscapes, genuine portrait, and neutral images are going to be incredibly popular throughout this year. One thing that is interesting is that when trends start to shift in design and photography, the stock photos and images follow pretty quickly. If you are looking for stock images to really play a key role in your marketing pieces, you can generally trust that those pieces are reflecting popular styles at this point.


While background images have been predominant amongst designs in the past, we are finding that gradients are really picking up in popularity. They can be used in many different unique ways, while also adding complexity to illustrations. They can be used as a color filter, and even in simple graphics to add some texture and depth.

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