Draw More Attention at Your Next Expo

Expos are a fantastic way to network, speak with as many people as possible, display your products and services, as well as give you an opportunity to educate, create awareness, gather leads. This is the time to capitalize, and ensuring that you have a concise, yet appealing setup is a great way to demand attention for your booth. 

But how do you get quality materials to set up your booth? That's where a professional printing service in the Midwest can help out, by thoughtfully designing branded print and promotional products to be displayed at your table. At Lake Printing, we use our printing expertise at the Lake of the Ozarks to assist in promoting your business using top of the line equipment and materials. In this week's blog, we'll feature just a few tips to give you a competitive edge at your next Expo.

Plan Your Display

Your booth is the centerpiece for an Expo, so strategically planning the layout of the booth well ahead of the event itself is essential for creating appeal and drawing in conversations. Most booths feature either a display/exhibit or a backdrop. Regardless of which option you choose, you'll want to make sure that it is professionally done, using an expert in the print marketing industry can greatly increase the appeal of your booth - resulting in higher thru traffic.

Professional Business Cards

So, you've obtained some attention with your amazing booth display, but you'll want to ensure that you have some way to stay top of mind, as they won't be taking your display with them. This is where business cards become handy. A professionally designed business card will help you stand out from the thousands of generic business cards that are out there. Whether that be by utilizing bold graphics or edgy card shapes, a professional printing company can assist in the layout and creation of such cards.

Branded Promotional Products

Keeping along the same lines as the business cards, branded promotional products are yet another great asset to have at your booth. This allows you to stay top of mind. Think about it this way, though they may not be in the market for your product or service now, that fancy pen or notepad that they use on a daily basis that has your brand featured to keep you in front of them constantly. So, should they find themselves in need of a product or service you offer - you'll likely be the first stop.

We hope that these tips have given you some fresh ideas to help stand out at your next Expo. If you are in need of additional assistance or would like quality branded products for your next event, Lake Printing, the printing hub of the Midwest would love to help. Our top of the line equipment allows us to work with materials small and large, providing you with the utmost printing services at the Lake of the Ozarks or across the US.

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