A Few Benefits of Direct-Mail Marketing

 In the modern world of marketing, many businesses have steered away from direct-mail marketing and have moved almost exclusively to email marketing. This is an effective method in some instances, but direct mail still has benefits that shouldn't be ignored. At Lake Printing, your premier printing hub of the Midwest, we work diligently to provide top-notch print services at the Lake of the Ozarks. In Today's blog, we're going to feature just a few of the benefits that direct-mail can bring to your business.

Mail Stays with a Client Longer

Physical mail tends to be viewed a multitude of times from the time it is received, till the time it is discarded. Think about how you receive mail and what you do with it afterward, does it look something like this? Take mail from the mailbox and set it on the countertop, then move it to the kitchen table, then maybe to the home office. As you can see, these are all times where the client is likely to come back into contact with your marketing message. Whereas email, you're quickly scrolling and clicking through materials to get to the next item, rarely going back to re-read an email.

No Necessary Opt-In's 

It's customary with e-mail campaigns, to have to obtain an op-in, or sign-up agreement from a client in order to solicit them with marketing materials. It's also worth noticing that it is easier to unsubscribe from an e-mail campaign than from a direct-mail subscription. Direct-mail is different in that it doesn't have the same regulations as needing an agreement before sending materials. This can expand the horizon of your client reach and provide a much broader audience to market to.

The Trustworthy Factor

The internet is a big, and sometimes scary place. Consumers can be more skeptical of certain products and services being solicited to them over an e-mail or online marketing. An item that requires credit, per se, could potentially have issues with being seen as legitimate, discouraging consumers from clicking the email. Direct-mail, however, provides a better sense of legitimacy in the eyes of the beholder, and that may have something to do with the psychology of having a tangible item you can touch.

Psychology of Direct Mail

It's been shown that some people actually prefer receiving mail, especially during the holiday season. It's seen as more of a gift, than a solicitation. While nobody is excited to receive bills in the mail, a professionally printed marketing campaign is an exciting and thoughtful way of communicating with potential clients. It can show them how much you believe in your business by investing time and money into these materials. 

At Lake Printing, it is our mission to provide the utmost printing services in the Midwest. We've been in the printing industry for over 70 years and have seen it all thus far. We've strategically adapted and implemented services and products to keep up with the ever-expanding marketing demand over the years. Now, we have the capabilities to bring nearly any printing project to life. If you're interested in a professionally printed direct-mail marketing campaign, we'd love to help bring your idea to life!

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