6 Tips to Enhance Your Print Marketing this Spring

 Now that it’s officially spring, have you considered updating your print marketing at the Lake of the Ozarks to give it a fresh new look? As the printing hub of the Midwest, Lake Printing has an expert team of graphic designers and marketing specialist that are fully equipped to help you do just that! In this week’s blog, we’re going to be giving you 6 tips to help you enhance your marketing materials this spring!

Tip#1. Review Your Text

Read all of your print marketing materials as if you were a potential customer. Does your message still create interest and convey the right information about your products and services? Your message should be showcasing how your company can solve a problem or satisfy a need that they have. Think of innovative ways you could convey this message to be more enticing to your audience.


Tip#2. Review Your Graphics

If you’re still using the same designs from several years ago, perhaps it’s time to freshen it up a bit? In the ever-expanding world of visual communication and graphic design, you’ll likely find you have many more options to enhance your materials graphics. This can work wonders to convey your message and a visually appealing way and give your audience more to look at while enticing them or educating them about your company.


Tip#3. Analyzing the Market

Are you staying up to date on any new trends or opportunities that you could be tapping into? Analyzing these new trends and needs of your community and beyond can help you discover new marketing avenues or styles that could reach more potential clients for you. Identify who you’re missing and work to appeal to them in your marketing mix.


Tip#4. Marketing Outside

With warmer weather presents an opportunity to market more effectively outside. Using items such as banners or billboards are a great way to capture extra attention from your audience as they travel more frequently to take advantage of the nice temperatures.


Tip#5. Direct Mail Campaigns

If you’re currently using a direct-mailer, consider modifying it to keep the graphics and content interesting and relevant. Keep your core values in place for your existing customers, while staying innovative and appealing enough to attract newcomers. After all, people like to see new and relevant content in these types of campaigns.


Tip#6. Analyze Prior Years Results

One of the best ways to identity new audiences and markets is by reviewing your prior years, especially from a season aspect. You’ll be able to see what worked, what didn’t, allowing you to focus on areas that need improvement or that could be untapped. This will help you curate a new design or content for your marketing materials in order to draw more attention to your business.


These are just a few of the ways you can liven up your print marketing materials. At Lake Printing, our team is well versed in creating innovative marketing campaigns and taking advantage of many marketing avenues to get your business noticed. From retaining existing clients to attracting new ones, allow our print marketing experts at Lake Printing to help boost your print marketing campaign this spring!

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