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Your staff members are your biggest sales force, so it only makes sense that you would provide them with apparel that will advertise for you just as much as they do. At Lake Printing, we take your marketing and business as serious as you do. We help you promote your company through business cards and print products, to promotional products that you can disperse to your clientele, we are here to provide it all. Here are a few items that you can provide for your employees to help them advertise for you, and keep them looking professional.

Customized shirts are a great way to make a professional statement. If your team will be attending any vendor events, sales events, or clubs, a professionally customized shirt will make them stand out and be a venue of free advertising. Whether you opt for a t-shirt style, button-up, or pull over light long sleeve, it'll be the perfect look for any brand!

A vest can be a casual way to show which company you represent. Your employees may also be more apt to wear these out and about, not just when they're on working hours. Pull your promotional plan together with a custom imprinted vest! For those days that start off on the cold side, a vest will keep your employees warm and stylish.

Adding a clean customized ball cap to your employee's work attire can really help to pull off a uniform look and make them feel like part of a team. Not only does it promote a sense of being a part of a team, but allowing them to wear caps sporting your business logo on it can be a great conversation starter while they're out in public. Let your employees show off their pride in your business every day with a comfortable customized ball cap. 

Name Tags
If your employees attend any company events, are a part of a local club representing you, or will be talking with many potential customers, and name tag is a must. This small item can instantly help your team member show who they are where they are from, making it easier for your potential customers to relate to them. Name tags are frequently required at events, and a customized name tag will stand out and complete the look better than a sharpie-written sticker.

Custom dye sublimated weave lanyards are an easy, affordable, and fantastic way to increase exposure for sponsored events with crisp detailed images. This is a great way to market your company through not only your employees, but through your customers, too! As these make great promotional items that people can actually use, you can bet they'll get noticed and help to grow your brand recognition!

Business Cards
If you've been following our blog, you will see that we believe in the power of a good business card. You just can't beat a connection with a potential customer that's finalized by a firm handshake and a business card exchange. We can help you design a professional and custom business card that'll keep your business at top of mind for any recipient.

Hire the Best National Commercial Printing Company
At Lake Printing, we take your business seriously, and that's why we want to provide you with quality products that will help you promote your company. Let our experience help you promote your company professionally and successfully.

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