5 Pro Tips to Speed Up Your Next Printing Project

Planning an event or gearing up for a big sale takes time, and your list of to-dos can become lengthy. Having a professional printing company at the Lake of the Ozarks to help you with your print advertising can take some of the stress off your shoulders.

Having commercial grade printed marketing materials is not only more professional looking for your business, but using a commercial printer can offer organizational printing capabilities you can’t perform at the office by yourself. On top of that, using commercial printers are the most economical way to produce a large number of high-quality copies.

If you're on a time crunch, however, getting your print material back in time may be causing you a little anxiety. Many business owners and marketing departments that are new to the process wonder how they can speed up future printing projects when working on a tight deadline. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to help expedite your printing jobs, and Lake Printing Company has provided some tips in this blog to help you save time on your next printing project.

Communicate With Your Printer Early
Planning your printing job with our mid-Missouri printing company well in advance of your deadline can really save you when it comes down to the wire! Think about the types and sizes of paper you want to use, have an idea of the colors you want, and have an overall design idea in mind. 

After you have done as much planning on your own as possible, communicate with your printer as early in the process as you can. The earlier you're able to communicate your print design needs and deadlines, the easier it will be for Lake Printing to complete the job. Also, our graphic designers are happy to step in and offer design advice when you need some inspiration. Get your printer’s input as soon as you can because knowing the realities of what you need to accomplish ahead of time will help to ensure your project is completed within your time frame. 

Proof Your Work Carefully... 
Then Check It One More Time!
It may seem like common sense to most, but the number of individuals who don’t proof their work is quite high. Just like you, your professional printing partner is also human and makes mistakes, so they may not catch
mistakes you have made before printing the project. 

It is essential to look over your work carefully if you want to save time on your project. Proof every job at least twice before you send a file to your printer. Having a second or third set of eyes look at the design before sending it us is a good idea too. This way, there should be fewer corrections or edits to make when you get the proof to review.
Speaking of proofs, always expect a proof approval from your printer and ensure you respond in a timely manner to keep your printing project moving forward quickly. The longer you hold onto a printing sample and the more people you involve in the approval process, the longer it will take to print and deliver the job. Streamline this step internally and turn proofs around fast.

Send Print-Ready Documents
Ensuring that you send print-ready documents to your commercial printer starts your project off on the right foot. Ordinarily, commercial printers spend a large amount of time fixing incorrectly formatted documents and this will inevitably slow down your print job's completion time. 

Ask your professional printing partner about print specifications anytime you are unsure about what you are sending is correct. When you send your print-ready documents, make sure to send them digitally instead of via media through the mail. This will save you turnaround time and you will also get feedback from your printing company quicker than if you send your documents via the mail. 

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Expect Delays for Unique Projects
To ensure that you continue to speed up your project, choose standard sizes, stocks, and colors of paper. Taking advantage of common sheet sizes will save you money and reduce waste. Designing in these standard sizes will decrease your wait time. 

If you do require unique types of paper or unusual shapes or designs, that's not a problem for our Midwest print marketing company but your turn around time may take longer than usual. Unique papers are not always kept in stock and therefore must be specially manufactured and shipped, which will add time to your project. Using in-house paper as opposed to ordering specialty paper can save you quite a bit of time on your printing project but your print materials can still stand out with an incredible design element and a high-quality look.

Choose a Professional Printing Company
Keeping your print jobs local can help to save you time and money because you can quickly swing by our office to pick up your marketing materials once they are completed. We often work with businesses across the country too but since our professional printing company can handle the direct-mailing for you, it's much like ordering local, no matter where you are. Plus, you’ll have one graphic designer in charge of your job, not several. 

Keeping all the work in-house can sometimes save you the most time on your print projects. By allowing Lake Printing Company to handle all facets of the printing job from designing to mailing, the number of potential errors or wasted time drops dramatically.

Lake Printing Company, print marketing, Midwest

The next time you need to advertise a special event or prepare for an upcoming sale, these tips should help you get the print marketing items needed into your hands on time and in great shape. Lake Printing Company in Osage Beach, MO utilizes top of the line presses to handle projects of all sizes, even wide-format printing jobs and large runs of printed projects. We also offer a wide variety of special finishes in bindery to accommodate all of your printing needs. Call us today or visit our website for a FREE QUOTE on your next print marketing project. 

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